Full Version: Random Event - Spilling Blood!
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OOC: This is a random event for the god Nidhogg being born. Everyone is welcome to post to this thread after Nidhogg has posted first. This thread follows a posting order, do not post outside the order. Example Post1: Frank Post2: Elly Post3: Marene Post4: Frank Post5: Elly Post6: Marene etc etc etc. 

Something has happened.... 
The Cedar forest was normally an eerier place to enter, The tree's all loom and swing above singing as they swung and smacked at their faces and embraced their arms in twisting knots. This forest, It reeked of age. It's woody incense was from centuries of snapping branches crashing to the forest’s floor and rotting silently. The composting, organic smell rose up in waves like a miasma. The further one would venture, the more mystical and spellbinding it became. Huge roots spread-eagled the ground, twisting like the great backs of sea dinosaurs. Suddenly the air shifts and swirls as if a storm were brewing up ahead its mast. The trees scream and arch and just as the wind came - it left. But with it came a mass of something bleeding. An orb hanging mid center of a forest clearing. It drips and oozes a red like liquid before suddenly forming into the earth itself. It vibrates and begins to shine as if a light was shoved into its mass. This bundle of liquid and rock hovers and dances before the crackles give way and out came the source of a hidden wind. It blows and screams past the trees and plant life before a shape starts to form. Within minutes this once glowing ball of sanguine had now become something more...unknown. The land itself seems to bow to the new presence of this being as the toes of it grace the grass below. Everything seems to go silent. 

Eonix had just welcomed her first Supreme being. "it is.....Nidhogg.."  the air seemed to whisper. And all that witnessed this spectacle suddenly became drawn to this being. Seeking it out and feeling the need to see what had just happened within the forest. "a god..." the air whispers next in a soft repeating gentle voice "a god has been born.....welcome...welcome" the voices came and went like a daze.  This new being slowly opens their eyes to view the cedar forest, the air seems softer - but almost harder to breathe. 
The choir of the creaking and groaning trees is broken as coughing cracks through their melody. White glowing eyes open in the shadows of the trees, as the new human like god finds his place in this world. A few deep breaths later, the large pale man of freakish features casts the blood from his hide and take in the trees and life around him. Stretching wing and tail, Nidhogg yawns before muttering his first words in his base and graveled tones “This is to be my home, is it? Good. It is full of life and death. Balance. Just enough noise to be interesting but quiet enough I may yet slumber should I wish. I only hope if there are others like me here, they treat this place fairly.”
Marma's body freezes as the entire forest creaks and groans with a force that seemed like nature was violently pushing something out of itself. 

He had been quietly passing through and stopped to relieve himself when the outburst of the forest frightened the large beast. 

When the creaks and moans of the forest stop, the tasked canine hesitates, afriad of something dangerous being the source of the sudden outburst. 

Very reluctantly, his steps lead him deeper into the forest toward the source of the new smell, and the awakening of the forest.
With a final yawn, Nidhogg makes for a break in the canopy with eyes skyward and with the faintest of smiles that slowly stretches into a grin as his wings stretch. Pace quickening into a sprint, the large man leaps and launches himself into the sky and out of the trees, lazily drifting on the currents and circling... Scanning... Watching. Looking for anything of interest to a young god. Cloud-like eyes narrow as movement is seen below, earning a smirk accompanied with a snort from the relatively young deity. "And so it begins." He states to no one in particular as he swoops down to a canopy just a ways to the right of the movement, telling the trees to bend to him, to hide him. Just for now, as he watches and waits. "Just who, or what has found its way into home? And more importantly... Will it end in laughter? Or bloodshed." He thinks to himself as his piercing white eyes blaze through the cover of the canopy that now encompasses him. Then he spots the source of the movement. A large, green wolf of tusks and purple accents. Curiosity, and a drive for entertainment, force Nidhogg's hand. It is with a low chuckle, the trees begin to bend inwards towards the wolf, totally blocking out the sun as their branches form a roof. A cage, almost. "What. Have. We here.... Hmmmm... Has the little green lamb lost his way? 'Tis a dangerous thing, to loose yourself in some one else's home."
The trees bend inward like hands clasping over the sun. Marma's marks, nostrils, and paws illuminated their pink glow in the shadows the trees cast. The beast pauses, eyes carefully scanning the canopy, nose twitching as he tries to identify the strange new smell. His tongue gently brushes over the poison sack in his mouth as his large round ears twitch to the new male voice speaking down at him. Does it belong to the creature that has the trees bend to its will? He puffs out air from his nose.

"Your territory was not made clear. Your lack of scent and sudden appearance means you have only claimed it now," he speaks to nothing as he pulls his head back down and only stares ahead. There is the faintest growl on his lips at being called a lamb. A lamb is an animal meant to be herded. He does not need herding. Nor would he want it. No. Marma is not a lamb. He is a mule. An old mule. And would do what he wants. 

He focuses his mind, deeply inhaling the smells around his through his nostrils and listening very carefully. Getting the general area the male voice's owner is currently hiding. 

"It is only as dangerous as you make it be," he responds in a low gravelly voice. While his body showed no mind to the being, his eyes watched like a hawk. White slits of pupils staring at the direction he was hiding. Faux vulnerability. "Are you wishing to make it dangerous?" he questions, words laced with a warning growl.
"Sudden? Sudden, he says. I dare not call roughly 150 years sudden, would you?" Nidhogg teases as he examines the strangers reactions. "It's a birth right... Must I urinate everywhere just to call it such? I'd rather not have my home smell of ammonia and testosterone if its all the same to you. As far as how dangerous it is... That also depends on you for if I had truly meant harm I'd have struck without saying a word. Do you come here in hunt of food? I'd rather not be on your menu. How about a deal? I'll come into view... but any sudden movements and I crush you with a tree. Do we have an agreement?" Nidhogg bids the trees to open up as they were to help prove his point. There is no danger here, or rather there's no need should the green wolf be peaceful as he seems to be. 
"Scenting is much more than just lifting your leg on a tree." Marma scoff in reply to the newcomer, but does not elaborate more on the subject as the trees slowly opened themselves, letting in some of the natural light through the leaves and branches. Now with his body patchily aglow from the remaining shade. His ear twitched at the mention of a compromise, and he honestly growled out a hard "No," and his paws lifted as they carried him forward to continue his path. His skin itched in sudden agitation. This one has come to him! Then tells him to play nice? No. It should be the other way around! He frustratedly sticks his tongue out to lick at his nostrils as his strides unknowingly aim to bring him deeper into the forest and not toward the exit. He pauses after realizing this and his ears fall back and the moss-colored beast growls to himself, squeezing his eyes shut as he curses his horrible sense of direction.
Nidhogg rolls his eyes silently at the hard "no" accompanied by the beast only seeming to further their being lost in what must be foreign lands to them. "Right then, I'll be coming down anyway then so don't take it as hostility." With a thump, Nidhogg hits the soft forest floor in a roll and rights himself. It's at this time, he thinks to himself how maybe this interaction is actually highly important. It's his first with a mortal, or really anyone. Perhaps a bit of honesty and kindness would be good. After all, his lands must remain in tact and he must be believed in, prayed to in order to be. "The name is Nidhogg... and, I am sorry for the poor introduction. You would be the first thing I've spoken with ever." With a deep inhale and a slow exhale he continues "As an apology, would you like aid finding your way? If I don't know it, I can find it from the sky." He suggests. Not nearing the beast, and not staying behind him, but slowly circling the side to make sure he is seen and does not appear hostile in any way. (He is totally nude, by the way)
Marma deeply sighs, exhaling through his nose audibly, and glances at the new born creature with an unreadable expression. It introduces itself, finally, and he did not catch the beings name at all. Something a bout a hog? Oh well. Mentally shrugging, the green colored beast adjusts his stance so that he was no longer a slouching animal. Bones cracking audibly as Marma moved to stand tall, his head held above his shoulders for once and tail slightly lifted. There was little dominance and aggression in his stance, it only conveying awareness and caution. 

It would appear that both beings were wary of each other.

His bright pink tongue wipes at his nostrils. 
"Mar.. is who I'm called." He introduces himself. A fleeting thought wondered 'Why he does not clothe himself?' But is completely ignored and has already been moved on to the next thought.  Accepting help. 

Marma knows he hasnt a clue to where he is going. There was never even a destination in mind. He only just wanted out of this cedar forest, but something petty inside him did not want the help. Especially as he watched the two-leg slowly circle the side with a careful eye. 

"Just point me the direction out of this forest, new blood." His very neutral expression falters for a moment, his lips slightly open and his purple optics staring at nothing with a dazed look. 

The smell of iron assaults his poor nostrils as a great paw pushes a human to the floor. Theres a snap beneath it as he puts weight the paw was resting on his chest. Similar words fall from his bloody lips that drip onto the screaming human. "Just tell me where, new blood."

Seconds later Marma comes back to his senses, and his emotionless mask is quickly placed back on. Pink glowing claws quietly dig into the earth and shift the sand between his paws as he hoped the human-like creature did not catch his slip.
Nidhogg watches Mar with his featureless eyes as close as can be, searching for any signs as he is nothing if not perceptive. He is not a mind reader, however. As Mar has his flashback, Nidhogg squints, scrutinizing the behavior and lack of use of his name. "Displeasure, perhaps? I know not all like humans..." Nidhogg thinks to himself. With a silent nod to himself and a sigh, Nidhogg takes advantage of his Omni-mimicry magic's and shift's into a wolf. A wolf of dark pelt, and keeping Nidhogg's odd feature's. "Perhaps... Just call me Ned. It is good to meet you, Mar." Ned's turns his head as his eyes flick over the forest, and back to Mar, looking for any kind of reaction if any before continuing. "You find yourself in the heart of the woods. It's no more simple to point a way out as it would be to point you to the edge of the world. In other words, any way your paws may take you is out if you traverse these lands long enough. If you want an actual way out, I would need to give you proper guidance and this I offer without hidden agenda's. What I get out of it is experience and perhaps some one who will remember me. A fair trade, in my eyes."