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Something is brewing above the clouds. A beam of bright light shatters past the horizon creating a trail of smoke and flame. What is it? One would think a meteor or a rock that got too close to the planet. But no, as onlookers watch from all over the world, more than one can be noted falling drastically fast onto the planet's surface. Each blazing ball of colorful light fell and within minutes had taken landing on each continent. The planet seems to posses an incredible shake across the continents. Trees begin to fall all across the world, Volcano's erupt in madness. The one that falls on Visanerth's Volcano, which then spits forth hot brewing fires and lava from below out onto the rocky fields. Within minutes the cities and towns are ushering screams and cries, for their people, this is a first to ever happen in their lifetimes. After each earthquake seems to slow to a dull aftershock and roar. Buildings are on fire, trees are either knocked down, partially blow off their roots or set on fire themselves. The Volcano continues to spew as the clouds not show holes from the impact of the fallen objects. But what were they? At each location of landfall - those who dare to go so close, finally learn what had attacked them from the sky. Upon hitting the ground - these objects shatter into pieces that scatter across Visanerth in various far places. Those that seek them out days later from the aftermath of the destruction will note that they each held a colorful glow. These shards were something special and new to the planet. Something entirely never seen before.  Are you the one to seek them out? Grab one for yourself? Do you examine first? Do you let someone else take it? Or are you the one who simply watches and decides not to take action? After all these things were the cause of so much destruction. If you choose to reach for the first broken shard before you, you will note its brilliant fire-like coloration as it is reflected by the sun. Others may not find theirs just yet, but this one is easily found as it was the first one to hit Visanerth after it shattered from its counterparts. This shard has three pieces beside it, 3 pieces for three lucky creatures who seek to have one of their own. 
[Image: Achievement4.png]

What will you do?

[Image: Sroivn.png]
If you chose not to go forth and loot the shard glowing before your feet, the shard seems to dance and glow alive. Suddenly, a voice is echoing from the volcanos! "FOR HELL AND HIGH WATER, SHALL YOU ALL DIE AND SUFFER MY WRATH!" The deep voice rings out nearly breaking your eardrums. The shard wiggles in place and suddenly levitates just to your eyesight. But suddenly the volcano erupts yet again and within the flames a giant silhouette forms behind the madness of it all. "WHAT WORLD IS THIS THAT SHALL WEEP BENEATH MY FANGS? WHO SAY YOU, DARE TO KEEP ME LOCKED AND CHAINED!" lava spills forth down the mountain as this giant creature slithers past it all with fury marked across his red features. Golden horns scream in the daylight as he comes face to face with you. The shard then falls to the ground just by the stream of steady flowing fire and lava. what will you do?

 If you choose to bypass all three options he gives out, Sroivn will sit down and stare at you until you give him something to do. 

What do you choose to do?
  • Prompt 1: Grab the loot item, fire-shard! +200 bones, +30 Visanerth Obsidian +20 Karma.
  • Prompt 2: Interact with Sroivn and obtain 3 choices plus gain +50 Karma.
  • Prompt 3: Ignore prompt 1 & 2 and simply scout information from Sroivn , -30 Karma & +30 bones.

Prompt 1 holds 3 shards for 3 separate characters. Anyone is welcome to respond to this thread and use the prompts above. The first 3 characters to choose prompt 1 can respond with going after the lootable item and wait for the event to respond back. Characters who respond with Prompt 2 are allowed to choose 1 of the three extra prompts he has given you. Depending on which you choose Sroivn will respond back to your character(s) with his reactions. Characters choosing not to participate in either prompt 1 or 2 can interact with Sroivn by stating they would simply like to understand who, what and why Sroivn is here. 
Please be sure to tag the event account in your replies!
Amut had been stranded in her native land for her whole life, chained to the place both figuratively and literally. Unable to sort out the use of her wings, the great beast of the sky was condemned to the ground despite her more recent escape from captivity. She'd travelled west for a short period only to find food hard to find and harder to catch in her state of being. Abandoning the new post, she travelled further north. She wasn't looking for anything in particular, no. Just something different. Somewhere different. It wouldn't take long before the ebb and flow of a strange energy pulled her closer, like a silent siren's call, she followed to the unknown. Little could anyone have warned her of a portal that seemed to suck her in and spit her back out in a foreign land.

If she didn't know any better, the chaos that erupted across the land may have very well been her fault. What had left her lost in a new world could be the very thing that seemed to be ripping the very land below her apart as it shook in violent fits. In a panic, she fled the scene searching desperately for cover, expecting something to come bursting from the ground to swallow her and anything else in it's path. Could she manage to actually put her wings to use, this wouldn't be so much of a problem, but alas. But that's when she realized something... This was no beast lain dormant in the ground, something was falling from the sky with such velocity, it was ripping holes in the planet! Her senses were overwhelmed with all this new information coming at her, but buried beneath it all, a familiarity she couldn't shake.

Not too far off, something landed with a greater thud than some of the others. Curious as to just what was falling from the sky, she ventured towards it in all the mayhem. Several shards laid strewn in the dirt, like fire trapped in time, these shards appeared as dangerous as they were beautiful. The largest in the center seemed far too heavy, and frankly, a bit unstable. Ebbing closer, she stretched her neck out, the small piece just breath away from her nose as she sniffed it carefully, but she couldn't really discern anything from it. She'd started to open her mouth slightly to grab it when the center Stone suddenly lifted from the ground as a booming voice rippled across the landscape. Ears pressed against her skull, she quickly grabbed the stone in her teeth before recoiling back, and letting out a growl. Her eyes were looking for the cause of the voice when she locked into the volcano. Was it really coming from way of there? And their wrath? Oh she'll show them wrath if they show their face, she thought to herself behind bared teeth, the stone pinned between the natural weapons.

When another rumble from the volcano produced an impending silhouette from the smoke and Ash as it yelled once more and came careening down the volcanos side. Dropping the shard at her feet, the little dragoness remained planted where she stood, puffing herself up to look big despite hardly being a fraction of his size. She roared back at his threats of destruction in defiance. She knew all too well the anger and hungry that came with escaping chains, but she wasn't about to just roll over for him,  no matter who this wyrm was.
Nidelia let out a shrill shriek as she was sucked into a random warp space, not sure what was going on.  Her heart began to pound in her ears in fear.  She didn't understand what was going on at all and all she could do was spin around.  Her tail kept trying to make her body direct downward, but where was down?  Where was up?  It was impossible to tell.  Her ears were pinned back against her head and her pupils were huge with fear, until finally she slammed into the ground, ground that wasn't there a second ago.  She coughed as she looked around, screaming again as hellfire rained down around her.  She began to skitter around to avoid the falling meteors, ears pinned, pupils wide, she looked unnatural for a humanoid.  Her tail was swishing in fear.

Then it happened, something crashed the to ground that sent her flying back with large gusts of air upon impact.  Her tail twisted and she landed on all fours quite safely.  Her eyes stared at the shiny shard in wonder, very curious about it.  She approached the large one and sniffed it, that's when she noticed someone else, someone black with striking sapphire eyes, and wings, A DRAGON.  She grabbed one of the smaller shards and ran in the opposite direction, that was until there was a loud boom of a voice from in the distance, making her ears feel like they were going to burst.  She yelped, pinning her ears against her head to dull the volume of the voice.  It spoke of doom and how he was going to exact vengeance against those who put him in chains.  Her skin became covered in goose bumps, and not the good kind.  She hid behind a meteor so as to stay out of sight of the black dragon and whatever was yelling at everyone within the region.  Where was she?!  Where was Saan?!  She was so terrified, she didn't know what to do.
[Image: Sroivn.png]

The stones beneath his belly would crumble under the sheer weight of the Dragon God. His tail swings up and slams down, creating a crater-like rift into the landscape below. Trees jumped from their roots and any houses nearby would be blown away by the aftershock of his body smacking into the earth. Fire seems to ooze out from his scales as he moves across the terrain. The shards that had been lost from him would go out of his sight across Visanerth's wake. Seething with anger as he approaches the base valley beneath the volcano - this horned wyrm turns to a dark mass below of too many species to recognize. One was Scrunched and flaring all her fury in his direction, the Dragon god would inch closer in all his madness downward. Gaping mouth stretches as far as it could as a blast of hot air expels from his lungs in the direction of the others before him. His rage masking his eyes as all he could see was red.


He warns the beasts before him. A small heard of fleeing horses would get too close to the fire god as he would, without remorse, and without pause reacted to their daring escape. His mouth slams into the ground as it snatches a few of them into his mouth. CRUNCH! With the following sounds of screams of agony. The god would then drop the dead horses from his mouth as he turns to face those who had been close. The herd that remained had scattered as his rage boiled more. His eyes still shroud in so much madness, that he could not begin to even realize this creature was one of his own seed. A seed long lost through time. Sroivn's blue mouth would gape once more as the beast quickly grabs her shard, his mouth begins to burn brighter than the sun itself. He does not give warning as his mouth unleashes a stream of fire attempting to burn anything within his wake.


A feline would enter the fray of the gods' wrath, her fear alone would make no difference to him at all here by now were running for their very lives. He turns to the portal as it shines and shimmers. Some were fleeing others had nowhere to run. Another seemed to take a shard from his body. And honestly, it fueled him to the breakpoint. The fire that was raging from his mouth had now started to spew like dripping lava before turning the air so hot that the trees began to wilt. But before he could act the creature was gone, much like most that had been around the area. The few that had remained were lost with the plumes of smoke and ash falling from the volcano behind him. His chest puffs out as his head bends and coils backward, his body follows and becomes a tightly coiled ball of madness before he unleashes hell onto the land again by striking his tail and mouth at the ground at those who could not go fast enough from his doom. 


Hell was now becoming a reality as God created mass destruction all around him while the volcano broke into a rage of its own behind him.

@Amut and @Nidelia_Sponze have successfully looted their Dragon Shards.
As the beast came closer and closer, the sheer scale of the beast finally began to set in her mind. This wasn't a fight she could win in a hundred years. He laid waste the land around him, his body carving up the ground like wet clay, the fire and heat radiating from him charing the earth around him. Wails of agony rung all around as creature's big and small fled for their lives, many not getting far in their futile attempts. He came barreling in their direction in blind madness, plucking horses from the ground as if they were nothing but mice and leaving ng the carcasses strewn about like morbid confetti. 

She quickly ducked her head and scooped the stone back up in her teeth before skittering out of his war path. She didn't flee the scene though. Not that she knew how to fly anyway, but Amut stayed in the area, weaving through wilted trees, careful to keep an eye on him as she skirt around.rhe smell of ash and fire was strong she wasn't even aware if the feline like being nearby. A bit too distract to really worry about it, not that it was really a threat anyway. Her ebony and charcoal hide seemed to disappear into the debris, blending in well with char, though the heat seemed to be getting to her at this point, thick scales only able to protect her so much from it's roaring temperatures.

When he screamed about taking things that were his, she growled to herself, muttering through clenched teeth to not drop the stone "If you want it so bad, take it from me." She knew he meant the stone and usually, she couldn't care less about such things, but for some reason, it seemed familiar and she needed to know why. Needed answers and she hoped this rock wedged between her teeth would give her those answers.

Before she could it make it near any of the deceased carcasses that were a melted mess, the god had coiled himself into a ball of death, striking anything that came near. Ever the opportunist, she didn't see a need any longer to find a dead body. Anything he didn't manage to strike went fleeing and one was bound to cross her path if she waited in no man's land hidden among the ash.

What kinda of unhinged beast uses a time like this to cause more death and destruction? A beast mangled beyond any normal recognition came streaking towards her, feet burning against the ground, fur smoking and falling off as nothing but ash. In it's attempts the flee it's biggest threat it ran straight into a much smaller version of soon.
Nidelia stood petrified with fear behind her hiding spot, which would not be nearly as safe soon.  She knew she had to run, get as far away from what was happening, even if it didn't take her home.  She just wanted to be safe, this was NOT safe.  Tears were threatening to start rolling down her face that had become blackened with ash, and one tear finally escaped and sent a streak through it.  She couldn't do it, she was so scared she couldn't move, especially since she knew the reality of this situation.  This creature had to be huge to have a booming voice like that, and if he was that huge, it meant he could squash her like a bug.  She covered her mouth as a sob tried to escape and expose her position.  That was when her legs finally found the motivation they needed to start running, sprinting so hard and fast, it showed that her life literally depended on the speed they got going beneath her feet.

Her feet had never seem so sure footed in their life as she wouldn't stop until she was caught, or preferably in a new, albeit temporary, hiding place.
Random Encounter!! Congrats traveler, If you do not already possess wings, now you do. To claim this Encounter be sure to Screencap this and the location in which it was given. Congrats you now can fly!
[Image: Sroivn.png]


He continues his onslaught attacks across the lands. It wasn't until finally that he came closer to the woman that was verbally bashing him back. Coiling he moved forward before glancing down at the dark figure beyond the piled bodies he had slain. Golden horns point to the sky as his head shifts and tilt down to look at the child. It was then that he realized in all his anger, that one of his own was nearby. More and more death was on the ground and it was then that when he moved closer, his nose had drunk in the smell of one of his kind against the skin. Someone else was here like him? He scans and scans until finally, his mind seems to slow down as he approaches the dark woman before him. Bluetongue inches out as hot breath stops immediately. His mind echoing his voice and anger like a backburner was turned on. He huffs and heaves his chest up and down before coming closer nearly face to stomach in a way of keeping himself distant and yet close enough to examine. 

"Child, Blood of my blood, Kin of the same air...Why do you ......why....... ahh..why indeed."
It only took him a moment to realize, not only was she like him, but she was FROM him. She held his blood, his genes, everything. Why had it taken him so long to find one of his own here? Where were the others? Was she the only one that survived his fall? And she had grown so well in such a short time. By the actions of his spawn alone he knew she also perhaps knew nothing of her siblings, and so he coils around her daringly before exhaling a hot breath again. Fire drips from his mouth as if his very blood had become like magma. 

"Blood of my Blood. You should not be here.. But now that I know, I will make sure you are protected."
He reveals with a dark and sinister smile. He coils himself around her and even in his graceful ways he would aim to wrap her in his tail, and like a whip, he would send her into the air and to the portal. He would send her elsewhere until this land had been dealt with the punishment they so deserved. Until then he did not want his spawn to be anywhere near his destruction. He releases his tail back to the earth and boils his mind again as she scans the land before him. Now that his child was out of harm's way, his destruction would continue. It was then that he had noted a figure running in the distance. And just as they had begun to run, their back had shinned brightly. This runner had wings! Snaking his way across the land to where the woman was he would hiss loudly and edge his face around the trees and stones looking for the winged beast. 

"Hmmmm My favorite, Winged kitty cat! Here kitty kitty...I just want a taste."
The dragon god would whisper as he seeks for the wings in which he had seen moments ago. But so far he could not find any hint to where she was. His tail smacks into the ground knocking tree's left and right. Was she there? No - not there either. He would stick his snout into a cavern system and exhale fire into the pits. Only bats came out flying half on fire and leaving trails of smoke behind them. Hmmm, where was the little kitty at?

@Amut was ejected to the portal and sent at random to another location within Visanerth until a safer time! Amut has gained +50 Karma from meeting her father.
@Nidelia_Sponze has successfully hidden from Srovin, +10 Agility.