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     Special thanks!      Credits to!:
We want to give a Special thanks to our gracious host, Kaons, for giving us the opportunity to have such an amazing experiance to give to you - our members. Without you we would not have been able to make such an amazing community here at Legends!
The sites old main theme base created by Josie of the RPG Initiative. And new skin coding [kingdomcome] was commissioned by the amazing Saperlie!
Guidebook Coding is done by Camy.
Armory Pixels , Munin #2 pixel by MomentaryUnicorn.
Dragon Pixels by Spatio.
Banner image & background created by Sorewounds,
Profile coding and images also done by Sorewounds.
Coding help by Eshye for helping me with coding our profiles and avatars, as well as, Riley Casper for the forum center help..
Group and City coding provided by
Mascot Muffn's design used on the lineart by Daimonkitty of Deviantart!.
Character line-arts made by SoreWounds & by 9thShot for Legends use only!
Wolf vector Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY
OTM award badges provided by Malefic of RPG-Directory!
Territory images provided by Unsplash! as well as the talented Artist Joakim Olofsson.
Guidebook size chart created with the help by Aedan.
Achievement pixels created by Sorewounds and or Nexon.
LEGENDS // The plot was created by Sorewounds purely for Legends. The admins worked hard to bring you this site so please do not recreate it! Original characters belong to their respective writer. Thank you all for helping to build this wonderful environment!.