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Legends of Tomorrow is based on a planet 3x the size of Earth in the Andromeda Galaxy, and is about earth-distance from its sun. It has two orbiting moons, one being 238,900 miles from the planet and another 400,000 miles east of it 5,000 miles from the planet. The moons share two phase cycles throughout the night zones of the planet. Within the planet holds 7 continents, It has a 214-day long year and 22-hour days.

You can view the world map and the planetary map below:
— The Universe Map
— The World Map


— Craellocen
— Raz'teth
— Sceyru
— Kve'resad
— O'rdv'oaek
— S'ke'ko
— A'karicü
— Susrak


— Vokayee
— Doezosr
— Cos'sumsia
— L'xaerdtumjio
— Jossar
— F'ra dansua
— Aaeu dalsua
— Wolkar'lr


— Doesh
— Moss'ogo
— Berth ak e Chern
— Kruatilk
— Cinoms id Asa
— Ardod'k Farraw'lk