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Year 3, Summer. It is boiling hot here on legends, It's almost like the Gods are trying to kill us! But then there are some striking news coming from Straetania, The Emperor has stated that the Gods are not the ones that have caused this outbreak in unbearable heat! Is something going on with the world? Who knows, all we can do is wait and depend on our Emperors and Kings! We are in our Third year, Most of the world has found out about a few other continents and actually have even been to them! In the past it was all heresay that there were outside worlds beyond each of our locations. But suddenly these beautiful gem like growths sprouted from the ground in various places and now we can use them as doorways to visit other continents! How neat is that?!

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So far we have not had any weird attacks in legends! Everything so far seems peaceful, too peaceful..

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There is still a ban in effect for GOD characters.
There is also a Banner event going on for legends! Join our server to find out more information pertaining to this exciting event!
The new skin is nearly finished, there will be some tweaks happening here and there, and there are pages that are still broken and or not working right for either PC or Mobile. We will be fixing these as soon as possible.
Whos ready for October ;) We are excited to bring in next months events. So, be sure to keep an eye out for details for Halloween and October in General!


9/12/2019, Sadly we didn't get to have our August OTM's. They will reopen for September near the end of the month!

IC News

7/30/2019 -- It looks like the gods are slowly becoming peaceful. Sroivn who had previously nearly drowned the continent of Visanerth in his waking anger has disappeared under the Hearth of the land. Other dragons are slowly popping up to protect their lands from the onslaught of the dry season as summer is fast approaching. Two new Royal Houses were founded and it seems the leaders are slowly gathering their people back to their doors.

8/15/2019 -- It seems all is well, the dragons have found their place in their new world amongst other Gods. The Sea Dragon who protects their depths has been spotted in the western lands. But so far no one has really met or seen her up close. There is a small blunder happening in the Isles of Eonix as it seems a New Emperor was crowned! It looks like Eonix will be starting to regrow their populations soon as well due to an increase population of couples.

9/1/2019 -- Meteors can be seen falling from the heavens in a wonderous dance that has mesmerized most of the world in its short splendor. Many civilians have created festivals in their honor. The gods were quick to handle the situation by calling their people to attend the many parties in various continents around the world.
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Valiska Melinoe Sitara is a 25 years old Female who belongs in Slums group. Their homeland is Sotovin but they are a current resident to unknown and they were born during the Summer season, they were born with Sectoral heterochromia eyes and Onyx skin.
They belong to none where they work as a Assassin.

A Slumdog

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     Magic & Elemental Powers:
Golden filigree scales spread across her figure from her horns all the way down to her feet. The web-like markings on her horns are at the base and tips. Her forehead is covered by the scales and forms into several lines that run down her eyes and cheeks. The filigree covers the crook of her neck on both sides and branch out further up and over the top of her shoulders, curving downward by her collarbones. A golden line starts on her sternum and travels down to merge into the lace-like marking slightly above her abdomen. On her upper arms are two parallel markings that wrap around along with on her thumbs, index finger, and ring fingers. Valiska’s wings take on a membrane-like base and the inside of her wings are coated with a golden feathered lining that helps keep her body heat somewhat regulated. Her wings have six talons that are placed on the end points of her wings, three on each wing. Her ears are heavily pointed at the tips, with two piercings on each ear. Dual-colored eyes framed by long, thick lashes. Her irises carry two hues, a lavender along the outer ring and upon closer inspection a golden ring encircles the pupil. Hip-length hair that brushes against her rear with the tresses having dark, wavy, plum-colored roots that slowly fade into a lilac hue at the ends. The woman stands tall at 6'1" with a lithe physique and toned muscle to give her bodice definition.
Observant, Vain, Morbid, Curious, Fickle, and Vindictive.
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