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     Full Name: Valiska Sitara
     PVP: Optional
     PVE: Chaotic Neutral
     Task: Assassin
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This character is a X-Large Female Human, at 25 Years old. Who belongs in the Slums (Nomadic / Loner) group.

     Eye Color(s): Bi-Colored
Coat Color: Metallic Silver
Mutations: Feathers — Horns — Scales — Wings —

     Birth Cycle:
Fall season.



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  Bones: 627.55B
  Platinum: 500
  Currency: 1,000

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Golden filigree scales spread across her figure from her horns all the way down to her feet. The web-like markings on her horns are at the base and tips. Her forehead is covered by the scales and forms into several lines that run down her eyes and cheeks. The filigree covers the crook of her neck on both sides and branch out further up and over the top of her shoulders, curving downward by her collarbones. A golden line starts on her sternum and travels down to merge into the lace-like marking slightly above her abdomen. On her upper arms are two parallel markings that wrap around along with on her thumbs, index finger, and ring fingers. Valiska’s wings take on a membrane-like base and the inside of her wings are coated with a golden feathered lining that helps keep her body heat somewhat regulated. Her wings have six talons that are placed on the end points of her wings, three on each wing. Her ears are heavily pointed at the tips, with two piercings on each ear. Dual-colored eyes framed by long, thick lashes. Her irises carry two hues, a lavender along the outer ring and upon closer inspection a golden ring encircles the pupil. Hip-length hair that brushes against her rear with the tresses having dark, wavy, plum-colored roots that slowly fade into a lilac hue at the ends. The woman stands tall at 6'1" with a lithe physique and toned muscle to give her bodice definition.

Observant, Vain, Morbid, Curious, Fickle, and Vindictive.

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