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K'rajo Sevenal is a 30 years old Male who belongs in Mythical Beast group. Their homeland is Straetania but they are a current resident to unknown and they were born during the Summer season, they were born with Illuminating colors eyes and Multicolored skin.
They belong to House Fraakholkral   and they work as a Assassin

A Slumdog

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With scales dipped in gold, his nails and horns quickly follow suit. His face bares tiny red markings stating clear of his birthright. With a black body that fades into a dark burnt mocha top, this flying deathtrap is hard to miss.
K'rajo is a man of merciless talents. He has a knack for killing spree's and has no problem going after what he wants. He is aloof most of the time but then again he can be seen in the background plotting something fierce. He is loyal to his own ways and no one else's, he hates being told what to do and frankly, he will eat anyone who tries.
K'rajo was born from the scale of a dragon, but unlike the branch, he had fallen from - he was born completely different. He was born of dark black and brown skin and could use fire and blood. Not much was known of his parentage other than they were the last to fall. The natives had given him the name "K'rajo" meaning "The royal one". But because of where he was found, he was considered a curse and immediately was locked away. Priests had done all they could to try and lock the child beneath the earth to try and keep a prophecy from coming true. But by the time he had turned a year old, he had managed to find a way to escape the ruins. K'rajo had loved the people who saved him, but also resented them for caging him. This would lead to a weak spot in his heart for the humans. So when he had fled he had told them he understood WHY they had done what they did, but that perhaps there should have been a better way to do it. Many years later he was found off the coast of Straetania on a rogue island. For years no one knew if he was alive or dead, but they somehow knew where he was. whispers on the wind of something mystical was living on the islands that could not be inhabited by the humans. And thus a treaty was made. K'rajo would live alone for the next 27 years on islands only meant for the wild.
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