Year 3, Summer.

It is boiling hot here on legends, It's almost like the Gods are trying to kill us! But then there are some striking news coming from Straetania, The Emperor has stated that the Gods are not the ones that have caused this outbreak in unbearable heat! Is something going on with the world? Who knows, all we can do is wait and depend on our Emperors and Kings! We are in our Third year, Most of the world has found out about a few other continents and actually have even been to them! In the past, it was all hearsay that there were outside worlds beyond each of our locations. But suddenly these beautiful gems like growths sprouted from the ground in various places and now we can use them as doorways to visit other continents! How neat is that?!

Fights, Raids, Challenges etc

So far we have not had any weird attacks in legends! Everything so far seems peaceful, too peaceful..

OOC News

Check out our end of September Update located (here).
Whos ready for October ;) We are excited to bring in next months events. So, be sure to keep an eye out for details for Halloween and October in General!
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9/30/2019, Come vote on your OTMS for September! HERE.

IC News

9/21/2019 -- There is something going on in Eonix! It seems that the sea is in a fit of rage, spewing creatures from their homes left and right as an enormous Ayr Whale flee's for its life into the open skies. What could be lurking down below? Read more Here!

10/1/2019 -- It seems like the lands are shaking! But why? People all over Varadye are slowly wondering where these tremors are coming from, will they find out before it's too late? Stay tuned!
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