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Inika Nightmare is a 1,000 + years old Male who belongs in Slums group. Their homeland is Eonix and they were born during the Fall season, they were born with Red eyes and Black skin. They belong to none   and they work as a Assassin in the group A Slumdog

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This deaf creature will sure to hunt your dreams. He eats emotions every day and will suck life sources as well from the throats/faces of his victims. Inika's source of power comes from creating and eating Nightmares - The more he can create or eat, the more red his wings show. Inika's violence normally becomes more erratic with added misbehavior when he hasn't had anything to eat. Inika is a solid black canine with a striking white face mask marking of that in a skull like a design. His eyes are sanguine red with his pupils being barely noticeable. His ears which are large black feathered wings give no assistance in aiding him with hearing. Upon his shoulders and just shy beyond them onto his spine. Inika's size is that unlike any of his species or any species living around him. Inika stands at 50 feet tall with all four wings spanning out 80 feet from his sides. He is lean - long but muscular around his legs and chest. With an Elongated long trail like tail that gives his already alluring appearance more horrifyingly beautiful - is there nothing that makes this brute more remarkable? Upon his face does the man wear a mask that bends and is shaped much like a beak - atop its marvel like shape are tunneled feathers that stretch out and over the back of his head with a jewelry attachment from the nose of the mask to his ears. Inika has grey tiptoes and long claws that peak out from his pads. Such pads of his paws are also a dark shadowy like embodiment.
Cold - Dark - Aloof. Inika can be sarcastic during most times and has a foul mouth for sure. He loves causing mishap and chaos - but at times can be perfectly okay with watching the chaos someone else created. He has a fondness for darkness, violence, causing nightmares, places with less sunlight as possible. He can be a bit vacuous at times and his smile could break hearts if he wasn't such a tremendous ass. When it comes to fighting - there isn't anything that could tell him 'stay out of it' even if it wasn't directly placed on his shoulders. If you need someone to go in and do the dirty shit that someone would otherwise not do - Inika is your man. Even if it costs him a limb or a cut up backside, he will walk away from it with a smile on his face. If he wins? Great! If he loses? Whatever he really doesn't care about the necessities of all that. A fight is a fight to him - win or lose.
Inika was designed from the gods to serve as a personality of Hades. But something created a split and Inika was forced out from Hades and giving himself his own persona. Inika's original job was to eat the Sun - to create mass hysteria and nightmares by using his sheer wingspan to create 'days without light' and devour the ill emotions of mortals. But during the time that he had matured Hades decided to decree a new plan advised for Inika to obtain and create shadows and nightmares from mortals surrounding them and eat them as a life source. Without this - Inika could not continue to breathe or move. Inika's wings turn brighter red the more Nightmares he swallows or inflicts upon others. During times of distress or low on food, his eyes do bleed streams of red tears.
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