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Crowless Calyptica is a 11 years old Female who belongs in Slums group. Their homeland is Daizarthican but they are a current resident to Unknown and they were born during the Spring season, they were born with Red eyes and Black skin.
They belong to none   and they work as a Healer

Nomadic Creature or human

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Solid black female wolf with a white face mask. Her eyes are blackened and smudged in dagger-like ends that crawl up her eyebrow bone and down her cheekbone. She has a beautiful set of red eyes that change to green when she is very upset. Around her neck and tail have a fluffier appearance due to her extra growth of hair there. Her left front leg is also missing from just below the elbow about 3 inches down.
Quick learner
Hates conflict
Hot tempered
Law breaker
Crow like any of her kind was born within a pack, but much to her dislike this pack was born and struck by heavy traditions. Crow was born very weak and ill as a puppy and when she was about three months old - her foot had become so sick that her parents ultimately had to eat it off of her. In shock and worry that their child would bring upon them the prophecy of their family history, the abandoned her in a cave. A crow who had been watching her for many weeks decided to fly to the broken child and take her as his own. The coming weeks he would teach her how to eat, how to walk, how to hide, how to drink. Everything that she needed to relearn now that she had only three limbs. She was constantly tested by her new father, he would teach her how to balance on her legs, how to run, walk and jump. It took her many moons in order for her to even run let alone stand still. But once she had gotten it down, it was like breathing for her. Five years later the wolf had made her way somehow or another back near where she was born. Her mother, who was still alive had seen her crossing the prairie and instantly shouted in fear and sadness. Crow being told of what had happened to her by her father the crow - she had instantly taken action by attacking her mother. The alpha ultimately responded to the child by a trial of combat, Crow nearly risked her life until suddenly just before she fell before the Alpha - her magic had awoken. Vines of plant life had sprung forth and stabbed everything within a five-foot radius of the girl. Blacking out, three days later she had awoken to the story of how she had killed her mother, the alpha, the shaman and the beta of her old pack. Pleased and yet disgusted by herself she asked to take over the pack and reassemble it for the new era of canines of her family. But because she had only three legs and had killed so many high ranking wolves. The remaining elders were completely against it. In a blind fit of rage, she threatens them that she would erase them from existence as they had done to her. Fear and shock ran through the elders as they tried to run from her, within the next month she was known for killing her clan all within a week. The next three years were hard for her, clans pushed her away or attacked her for killing her people. She was even branded a traitor by the remaining clans that were once connected to her family. Months passed by and days grew colder for her, and one day the worst would happen to her when her adopted father would be found dead with an Ice spear in his chest. Angered even more so than she could ever be, Crow would leave her home and seek out those who had killed her adopted father.
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