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Nidhogg is a 60 + years old Male who belongs in Slums group. Their homeland is Eonix and they were born during the Fall season, they were born with White eyes and White skin. They belong to none   and they work as a Potioneer in the group A God

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A large humanoid man, Ned stands roughly 8 feet and 8 inches tall and possess a rather stocky build. Long dark hair (smelling of wild flower pollen and oak moss) and a hood is used to hide pointed ears and scales; cloaks, gloves and long clothes hide the rest of the features such as bark, wings and tail that would mark him as something other than a mortal man. He can often be seen with his wings and tail tucked up into his clothes, giving him a "hunched" back. Pair this with his solid white and featureless (but glowing in the dark) eyes and the man looks like a cripple, but is most certainly not. (This character has the attached armor/weapons to him): Epic weapon and full set of Epic Armor.
Mischief and Shenanigans might as well be his name. Ever fluctuating between serious and calculating; and chaotic for his own gains and seeking pleasures. Rarely honest about who he really is, Ned often dishes out random names and histories to hide his past; and often plays the role of a cripple with his seemingly hunched back and "blind" eyes, being sure to use his clothes and hair to hide his features. After all, tongues tend to be looser around those seen as weak and all the better to be misjudged as weak when trying to gain info to attempt to grow ones own power or to throw a wrench in the gears of law and order.
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