× Site News: Soft opening of Legends happens 3/15/2019. Those who obtained S.O Coupons be sure to add the coupon in your registration of your first character account and in your ooc (if you have one).

    Arise from the Ashes! (YR 1) -- September    
     Quote of the Month:
...tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
And then one fine morning So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
— By Unknown
Announcements Love it or Bring it back!
1/08/2019 —— Legends is being Revamped entirely! Be on the lookout for new and exciting changes!
2/5/2019 —— New skin, New looks!
2/25/2019 —— The site is moving smoothly to its soft opening. Feel free to ask any questions at our Discord Server!
3/2/2019 —— Skin is almost finished! But we ask that guests/members understand that we have not coded the skin for any mobile device or ipad as of right now - so if your a member using your phones or ipad please bear with us as we are working on a way to make the site mobile friendly for everyone. The skin may break or disappear or not appear in some areas for phone users. <3 We apologize for any inconvience this may cause our guests.
3/5/2019 —— Profiles have been updated, a new members list has been coded, companions area has been coded until the plug in will be added into the acp, OTM's page has been added as well as minor changes to the navigation bar and forum viewing. Thank you so much for coming along this ride with us, we hope you enjoy your stay here at LOT!

Current Events
The land is shaking it seems - it seems to be telling you something. Like its calling out to you to follow it. Will you?

The Administration Office
Office Hours: M-f 11D · 6DN

Hello and welcome to the Administration office! Here we take all your needs into action weather it be joining the roster of a township, becoming a knight in a cities guild, perhaps your wanting to take schooling lessons? Well we do it all here. Any chance you stopped by my office located Here I will get to take to you one on one or with your group.

Remember - I have office hours, so if you come during a time when I am on lunch - well I guess you'll have to wait till I get back yes? Well anyhoot - I guess I should leave my name yes? My name is Raymaw and I am here to help!

How to pay?: I take two currencys, Eonix Bronze () or Ivory Bone currency if you are someone who is not as rich as the others.

Township Roster: 180 or 80 Bones.
City Roster: 380 or 180 Bones.
Knight Certifications: 50 or 30 Bones.
Schooling Lessons: 580 or 380 Bones.
Building Ownership: 580 or 380 Bones.

Need to be added to my waiting list? Look below! --
Name:Character name
Link to thread: *Threadname