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    Arise from the Ashes! (YR 1) -- September    
     Quote of the Month:
...tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
And then one fine morning So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
— By Unknown
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1/08/2019 —— Legends is being Revamped entirely! Be on the lookout for new and exciting changes!
2/5/2019 —— New skin, New looks!
2/25/2019 —— The site is moving smoothly to its soft opening. Feel free to ask any questions at our Discord Server!
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3/5/2019 —— Profiles have been updated, a new members list has been coded, companions area has been coded until the plug in will be added into the acp, OTM's page has been added as well as minor changes to the navigation bar and forum viewing. Thank you so much for coming along this ride with us, we hope you enjoy your stay here at LOT!

Current Events
The land is shaking it seems - it seems to be telling you something. Like its calling out to you to follow it. Will you?

Temple of Gasr-Eosra
Dinosaurs we only Permit: Pterosaurs

Welcome to the temple! Have you decided that you wish to become part of our alligence? Do you own or going to own a species of Pterosaurs? This is the right place for you. If you love flying - battling in the air-races and maybe just maybe one day becoming a S'kdae Ams'el. This surely is the place to start. Here at the temple everyone starts off learning how to mount and get their companions comfortable with wearing saddles and cosmedic accessories that may come with you. After you and your dinosaurid companion learn each others ways - learn its safe under the saddle and reins, we will teach you how to call upon your Gasr-Eosra with simple sounds,clicks and gestures. If you think that was hard wait until you learn how to get on that mighty steed and walk with them amongst the temples cavern walls and soon flying with them!

If you need to be added to the training roster - please fill out the form below and post in the maintenance area:
Name:Character name
Link to thread: *Threadname
Trainging to become a Gasr-Eosra!

Temple lessons in Order
Lesson 01: Assests & Accessories
Learning to put your saddles and reins on your companion first.
Lesson 02: Mounting & Paces
Learning to get onto your now saddled steed and learn to walk, climb and move on your companion.
Lesson 03: Mirroring
Learning about your companions emotions, what he/she likes or dislikes - learning each others ways around one another.
Lesson 04: Flicks & Whistles
Learning how to call, command and locate your companion with a few easy sounds and hand gestures.
Lesson 05: Air-Racing & Air-Bending
Learning to do your first air-race with 3 other riders and learning to get your companion to bend with you through the air.
Lesson 06: Becoming a Gasr-Eosra
Learning the last step to becoming a true Gasr-Eosra is mainting all assignments you were taught turning a test of faith by yourself. Those who pass become Senor Gasr-Eosra students and can go on next to become a S'kdae Ams'el.