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Temple of Gasr-Eosra
Creatures we only Permit: Winged Canines

Welcome to the temple! Have you decided that you wish to become part of our alligence? We are a group prized of canines who's wings have taught us how to reach new heights and know no boundries when it comes to life. We believe in the Goddess Ba'wa where after your training you will go to meet her in the temples of the sky. Ba'wa if you get to meet her - will grace your body and mind with powers to fullfil your every desire. She will give you the power of Enlightenment! After Ba'wa's graceful award has been given to you - you will join the ranks of the Holy Ones, Like us. You see the lesser ones below the clouds are tainted and a rather filthy lot. Try not to get mixed up in their mortal ways or Ba'wa may revoke your new found life.

If you need to be added to the training roster - please fill out the form below and post in the maintenance area:
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Trainging to become a Gasr-Eosra!

Temple lessons in Order
Lesson 01: Assests & Accessories
Learning to hone in one your powers with added magical accessories.
Lesson 02: Mounting & Paces
Learning to get into a correct pace and mountain off ledges, and learn to walk through clouds climb and move with your wings.
Lesson 03: Mirroring
Learning about your wings and just how fragile they are. Learning the ways of Ba'wa.
Lesson 04: Flicks & Whistles
Learning how to call, command and locate around you with a few easy sounds and listening gestures.
Lesson 05: Air-Racing & Air-Bending
Learning to do your first air-race with 3 other trainee's and learning how to master your wings completely, abling you to bend with you through the air.
Lesson 06: Becoming a Gasr-Eosra
Learning the last step to becoming a true Gasr-Eosra is mainting all assignments you were taught turning a test of faith by yourself. Those who pass become Senor Gasr-Eosra students and can go on next to become a S'kdae Ams'el.