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    Arise from the Ashes! (YR 1) -- September    
     Quote of the Month:
...tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther...
And then one fine morning So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
— By Unknown
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Current Events
The land is shaking it seems - it seems to be telling you something. Like its calling out to you to follow it. Will you?

Legendary Guides

  • Rules
  • Creation Guides
  • Karma Guides
  • City Totems
  • Language & Religions
  • Kingdom & Guild
  • The World
  • Flora & Fauna

This is where we lay down the law, Please be sure to read all and everything stated here in this thread. Please and thank you - LOT Staff!
Planetary System & Varadye's Map (click us)
A single day lasts 32.71 hours and a year lasts 296 days. The planet is made up of 9 continents (Varadye - Uxequin - Iyos - Prahmine - Eethrosca - Shrekdet - Sumactar - Gusgezik - Xetto), which make up 61% of the planet's landmass. 5 moon(s) orbit the planet and Pandora itself orbits a yellow sun in a wide, elliptic orbit.
     Tagging Systems
  • Tag your material. In the event your post contains sexual, violent or otherwise "mature" material, mark it with the appropriate icon. We have provided post icons for this as well as other content that may be found on LOT:
  • [M] Mature - [T] Trigger - [C] Closed - [J] Joining - [E] Event - [LR] Leader Requested - [PO] Pride Officials - [AW] All Welcomed - [T] Tasks [R] Raiding - [W] War - [BM] BlackMarket - [SN] Staff Needed - [S] Spars - [CO] Claiming Open - [CC] Claiming Closed - [PG] Pride Gathering

         The site Rules
  • When registering on LOT please use your characters FIRST NAME only, no lasts, nicknames or full names. (humans and Dinosaur characters alike.)
  • Each character should have their own account. You can link them up to your OOC Account through 'My Controls' at the top into your UCP if you have more than one character account.
  • There is no character limit. Make as many characters as you want to have. But we ask that you make the amount you can handle. Any and all dropped characters should be asked to be removed/closed/dropped in the maintenance board.
  • OOC accounts are NOT required!
  • Images that are used for stock purposes must have (CC) agreement.
  • Character profiles will be filled out firstly - Staff not accept auditions if your profile is NOT filled out!
  • You do not need to play a dinosaur in order to create a human - and same goes vise versa. HOW EVER - we ask that the first two accounts created regardless of species/human or dinosaur, that they have 10 posts each before creating another account.
  • Artwork commissions must be done in Private Messaging, not in studios.
  • Show respect and be kind to members of the LOT's community, including guests, members and staff. discrimination and sexism isn't tolerated in our community.
         Bugs & Bones
    here on Legends we have two currencies - one that you gain while posting and having your characters do specific actions (ie tasks/ranks/claiming etc). And one that you gain via OOC's. Bones are what your character makes via posting threads, making replies, voting in polls etc. They are what you would use to buy things in character play amongst other characters (interactions between human x human or dinosaur x dinosaur etc if said characters wish to buy jewelry for another character, buy a pet, buy a home, travel etc this is the currency used. This currency can be added/deducted). Bugs come from claiming awards via OTMs or finishing certain aspects along the characters life (becoming a leader etc) that you can use OOCLY for any needs (buying slots - buying items for characters etc.).
    This is being revamped.

         Other Guidelines to Follow

  • Sites currency is Bones and Bugs - Members are allowed to use the BP's for artwork, trades, buying special event items or character creations.
  • Characters are required at the age of 15 to retire/die of old age.
  • In character situations must stay in character, Any character(s) on LOT cannot know of anything that doesn't happen in an active thread on site. Do not mix ooc with ic statements.
  • No god-modding, self-insertion, metagaming and power playing. Don't assume or force things or believe you can control the weather, respect and communicate with your roleplaying companion. If he/she is uncomfortable with the situation - ask for it to be paused/closed until things can be fixed or changed.
  • -Taking control of someone else's character. -Using knowledge about something that your character could not conceivably know. -Winning every fight, dodging every hit. -Having unlimited power that breaks the plot/setting.
  • Whether or not you have an idea for a character, be sure to check out our WANTED ADS or the FAMILIES in play. Perhaps one of these requests has sparked your interest. Or perhaps you already have another character idea forming, now is the time to register!
  • Members must be older than 16 to join!
  • Mature content must be marked, M+! So this means anything that may be considered as 'sensitive' or topics not meant for younger viewers.

  •      Creating your Character~!
    Here on Legends we allow some pretty neat concepts for character designs. Below are all the allowed Free and Purchasable character creation ideas we allow on LOT! Be sure to read and make sure the character you are creating fits the allowed/purchased guides. Dinosaurs can be any size - Extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. But if you are unsure do not hesitate to ask staff members for help!
    This is being revamped.
    Tanks are dinosaurs that are bulky with horns, spikes, culbs and act as the lands and cities defences in raids, wars and battles. Species of dinosaurs that belong to the tank category are fashioned with armor on their face, chest, back and tails (as long as they do not already have spikes or clubs on their tails). Tanks are merciless defenders and can be cunning and hard to take down. Riders of Tanks use special gear in order to stay on their riding companions. Dinosaurs that become tanks for the Hystoren's sport a cloth over their left side with the cities emblem and colors. They are honored dinosaurs and when they die are often buried along side the royal humans.

    Runners are dinosaurs that can outrun or nearly outrun anything it comes in contact with. Dinosaurs that are marked under this rank are mainly used to send warnings, letters, notices etc to other kingdoms - families - generals when needed. During times of war and raid Runners can take on the task of Assassinations and Combat stances as long as there are other Runners available.

    Flyers are dinosaurs with well - wings. They either can soar above the clouds or just nose dive from trees. Dinosaurs in this category are often extremely prized and valued due to the fact that traveling by sea takes rather long from one place to another. Dinosaurs that become what is called "Gasr Eosra" (basically God birds) are trained for many months in speed diving, landing, gear docking, traveling for many hours even over large bodies of water, and when seasoned with flight they gain the title " S'kdae Ams'el " which translates to Angel of Skies.

    Dinosaurs that fall under the sad name of "posers" are tiny dinosaurs or other saurid's that..well..dont look like a dinosaur. Or they are almost so small it should be illegal. Most poser's range from the size of a small table to as small as ones boot. These dinosaurs dont really have any roles other than gathering intell, sneaking into places and looting small items and food.

    Guards are dinosaurs that were born with a nice hard head. Generally types of Pachy's fall under this category and are used at gates and door ways of sacred places. Guards are also used during meets between high ranking officals and royals. They can also be used in transporting goods and or property from place to place to ensure nothing goes out of hand. Guards do not wear saddles as they are rather too rambunctious to be tamed as a riding support dinosaur. So they are often linked by cuffed leashes, latches, or collared fashions stating where they are from or who their owners are.

    Farmers are what we call field cows - basically any Sauropods or hornless triceratops can be found in this rank title. Farmers wear an array of saddles to even large seated booths on their backs. They are the most tamable creatures on Eonix but also the hardest to gain due to their size. Farmers help cultivate the lands, help transporting large groups during wars, and can be used to reach certain cities like the one in Tempest Plain.

    Mouth breathers - aka the panters - are dinosaurs that are rather loud when they run. Normally dinosaurs of the rex family and theropod's can be listed under this area. They are also know as the "Battalion Mouths". Dinosaurs who become part of the "iszahtik" join forces with the army and are adorned with an array of head gear and armor - and depending on what their ranks are within Iszathik they wear different saddles as well. If a medium theropod joins they are often used as bait in wars and fights and or gate chasers, basically dinosaurs thatcan break the front lines first.

    Companions are the smallest and mostly unused dinosaur bunch - either too small, too wide, too long to fit anywhere else, they become companions for the humans. Some are lavished pets while others travel and help their owners. Companions are given many jewelry, satins, clothes, and collar attire to state their state and family wealth.

    Fatheads or Lightfooters are dinosaurs that can handle holding items on their backs during traveling, moving, or every day wear and tear. They are often seen as the 'horses' of the dinosaur world of Eonix and come with a beautiful selection of riding gear, reins, accessories, cloths, satin and even jewelry depending on their family worth. Fatheads can also be used in times of need such as war and or devestation to sheild and carry others away from the center of disasters.
         Our Markings
    Any and all markings are allowed on dinosaurs. If you see it on a bird, frog, or other mammal - its allowed. Markings that are extremely symetrical are considered WARPAINT and can not be claimed as a body marking that can pass onto children. (this means circles, handprints, tattoo's and or branding burns.) If you are worried if a marking is free or not ask staff!
         Our Mutations
    We allow a few mutations on LOT, some are free while others are not. Below are coat colors, eye colors, and other mutations that must be paid for, or are breed-only.
         Gene Strains

    Breed-Only Furs & Eye Colors:
    Opal || Transluecent || Icey Patch || Cosmic Eyes || Sunset Eyes
    Paid colors & Eye Colors:
    Fluorescent Eyes - 150 bugs || Fire Opal Eyes - 300 bugs || Albinism - 300 bugs (red or pink eyes) || Melanism - 300 bugs (black or dark brown eyes) || Piebald - 300 (split color/flecked eyes) || Leucism - 800 bugs (blue, black, or white eyes) || Vitiligo - 800 (blue or pinkish eyes)
         Coat and eye colors
    This is being revamped

         Markings & Mutations Price guide
    Free Markings & Mutations:
  • Lighter undersides (including eye circles, cheeks, muzzle, nose blaze, paws, backs of legs, throat, & belly)
  • Accented markings (think like Marilyn Monroes beauty mark on her face.) on face, chest, or belly are free.
  • Ear coloring (this includes: full ear, rims of ears, & eye dots on the back of the ears)
  • Dorsal stripe (can extend from head to tail-tip)
  • Moderately noticables (Hip/shoulder markings smaller than a paw print) are free. This includes scarring or body paint.
  • Extreme 'canvas' markings (partial or full face markings in lighter or darker) are also free.
  • 'Oh so cute' markings (think like freckles) that are the same shape and are congested together in an area or a large space are also free.
  • Socks (stockings (all the way up the leg), socks (usually mid-way up the leg), anklets (extending up to the wrist/ankle joint) all count for this)
  • Staff pre-approval markings:
  • Characterized markings (hearts, daggers, lightning bolts, etc.) will cost 80 bugs
  • Other markings listed but not limited to:
    • Extra fur (around neck, legs, chest or face only) 30 bugs
    • Symetricals 20 bugs

    Armor & Trinkets galore
  • Face armor - 50 bugs
  • Leg armor - 50 bugs
  • FULL body armor - 100 bugs
  • Saddles - 100 bugs
  • Training gear (mask,mouth clamp, nail covers etc) - 150 bugs
  • Branding - 200 bugs
  • Breeding your Dinosaur - 300 bugs

  •      About our Karma!
    LOT works on a karma based play by. What does this mean? It means that everything positive and negative that your character does plays a role in his karma. The more good you do in character the chances are your soul will become Angelic. The worse you do the chances are your soul will become Lethal. Below is a list of all the good and bad things you character will be affected by. Each member starts off with 100% Neutral Karma, each time your character acts out one of the following below it will either go green or red.

    What is Karma? Simply put, it’s an indicator of where your character stands between Good and Evil. It ranges from -10,000 (Diabolic) and +10,000 (Holy), and changes according to your behavior in game – how you interact with other players and the environment, which Gods you worship, and more. If your character’s Karma is below -2,500, you can only choose an Evil alignment. Below 0, you can pick only Neutral or Evil. Above 0, all the three options are open.

    PVP Classes and the PVE
    What is PVP and PVE? Player versus Environment (PvE) is a type of gameplay where players interact with computer-controlled opponents. Its counterpart is PvP, where the interaction is with other live players. Player versus Player (PvP) is a style of gameplay that pits players against each other in a competition. The PVP classes and PVE classes are listed below!
         PVE Classes!

    Lawful Good (Read Lawful Good Here)
    Neutral Good (Read Neutral Good Here)
    Chaotic Good (Read Chaotic Good Here)
    Lawful Neutral (Read Lawful Neutral Here)
    True Neutral (Read True Neutral Here)
    Chaotic Neutral (Read Chaotic Neutral Here)
    Lawful Evil (Read Lawful Evil Here)
    Neutral Evil (Read Neutral Evil Here)
    Chaotic Evil (Read Chaotic Evil Here)


    While Evil, you’re free to perform hostile actions against any other player – just like when you’re Neutral. However, other players can also do so against you, without consequences – such as being flagged as Thief or Murderer or losing Karma. In fact, they will gain Karma by getting the world rid of you! At least, being Evil is not enough to get you fully cast out of society. Guards on the Kingdom let you enter, for instance, and some NPCs devoted to not-so-legal activities might even take a special interest in you.

    If you flag yourself as Neutral, you can perform hostile actions against any other player. This includes attacking, stealing, and murdering. Hurting a Good or Neutral player doesn’t turn your Alignment to Evil, but flags you as Aggressive – a condition that gets you treated as Evil in many ways. For instance, Good players become able to hurt you, while other Neutral players become able to do so as well without consequences.
         OPEN PVP

    If you flag yourself as Good, you are not allowed to perform hostile actions against any other Good or Neutral player. There are several ways this restriction is applied – some common cases being:

    You can’t use death attacks against Good or Neutral players.
    Your AOE abilities cause no damage or negative side effects to Good or Neutral players.
    Harming other 'good' pvp players hit at a minimum stat of "-5" from their health.
    Harming 'neutral' pvp players hit at a minimum stat of '-10" from their health.
    On the contrary, all the hostile actions listed above are permitted against Evil players – and even encouraged by Karma gains!
    your Karma changes according to how you behave towards other players, NPCs, and divinities.
    During Death matches - Only Good PVP players that are Guardians and or Assassins can kill another GPVP.

         The End Result?

    Depending on your Alignment and your victim’s, attacking, knocking unconscious, looting or executing a player triggers a Karma gain or loss. A Temple Offering is a monetary donation that can be performed once a day in the home of one of the Gods. One thing to be noticed is that PvE is intended as a way to “adjust” your Karma, rather than revolutionize your Alignment. Therefore, a few exceptions to the rule above apply. A couple significant ones: an Evil player doesn’t gain Karma by killing Evil creatures, while a Good player can lose it killing Good ones, but it won’t drop below 0 anyway.

         CITY TOTEMS
    Theres are historical figures that once lived many many thousands of years ago, and the people of Eonix call them the city totems or aka as "the gods". They do not show in the games but are listed here more as a reference guide in case your character follows the old code/rules of their ancestors. Each City totem has a shrine or location where worshipers gather to pray.
    Jatol • ( Protector and Goddess of The Stars / Night)

    Xilli • ( Protector and God of The Morning star)

    Amesthora • ( Protector and guide of the Dinosaurs)

    Zorathius • ( Protector and Goddess of the lost children)

    ???, None have been told yet.

         The first Tongue
    Here on the land of Eonix, the first common but old tongue normally used by elders - is called Vokayee.

    How are you doing today?       \\ Hav oli i'ay kaemb dakoi'?
    How do I get to the --?       \\ Hav ka I bid da dui --?
    Blessed be the day to you.       \\ Bsirrik xi dui koi' da i'ay.
    Where have you been?       \\ Wuili uozi i'ay xiim?
    Would you like to join me?       \\ Waysk i'ay seqi da gaem pi?
    I love you with all my heart.       \\ I sazi i'ay vedu oss pi' uiold.
    The weather is -- today.       \\ Tui vioduil er -- dakoi'.
    What is your name?       \\ Wuod er i'ayl mopi?

          \\ Hirra'
          \\ Hae
    See you
          \\ Sii ha'oi
          \\ Bhi
          \\ Ga'a'vmhi
    Good morning
          \\ Ga'a'v da'staetk
    Good night
          \\ Ga'a'v taekyn
          \\ Ma'staetk
          \\ Estitaetk
          \\ Naekyn
          \\ Snesl
          \\ Ma'a't
          \\ Soit't
          \\ Tsii
          \\ Gsa'oitv
          \\ Gsell
          \\ Fra'zisr
          \\ Pretn'r
          \\ Ra'rg
          \\ Cesti
          \\ Desti
          \\ Paa'vt
          \\ Raestis
          \\ Waestis
          \\ Cshlner
          \\ Gidner
          \\ Sna'ti
          \\ Rhonem
          \\ Ehonemal't
          \\ Ha'n
          \\ Ca'rn
          \\ Fsiipaet
          \\ Hui'asi'
          \\ Bui'as
          \\ Diluhrph
          \\ U'hrad
          \\ Ssani'asi'
          \\ Ssaw'asni
          \\ Hyxi'
          \\ Lyxi'
          \\ Def'el
          \\ Ams'el
          \\ E'ja
          \\ Gr'ja
          \\ Daqer'ja
          \\ Berd
          \\ L'zord
          \\ Wurk
          \\ Eravroms
          \\ Hovd
          \\ Eosra
          \\ Smoda
          \\ Fekr
          \\ Tirsra'el
          \\ S'kdae
          \\ Croe'l
          \\ Roem
          \\ Trimdar
          \\ Lesrsamems
          \\ Ssurk
          \\ Wemdae
          \\ Turmod
          \\ Eorsrpioda
          \\ Ocaom'n
          \\ Woqak
          \\ Somd
          \\ Baocr
          \\ Saokrarrk's
          \\ Crobk's
          \\ Lubksar
          \\ Somd
          \\ Umvarr
          \\ Haorsrae
          \\ Daeems
          \\ Hirs'tb
          \\ Payrs'tn
          \\ H'orsrpioda'e
          \\ Sorsrpioda'e
          \\ Caiphuhrph
          \\ Wuuuhrph
          \\ Srassuhrph
          \\ Sruuuhrph
          \\ Di'ailsuhnu
          \\ Nuhphssuhnu
          \\ Gasr
          \\ Gassurrur

    Eonix has 3 main religions that are found widely across the world. These religions are not forced upon when creating your characters. If you wish for them to believe in a religion - down below are the most common ones with their info. Again, it is not mandatory for you to have a religion. The common saying amongst all Eonixians is "Survival of all or none - eyes speak only truth and heart undo the wicked." When coming of age - all dinosaurids repeat the same versus. "I, (name), who so chooses the Old Code as my breath. I am hereby sworn to valour, to speak only the truth, to use arms to defend the helpless, to use might to uphold the weak. My heart and eyes shall Observe, listen and learn. For even Weapons are enemies, even to their owners."

         Craellocen • Polytheism (moderately matriarchal)
    Involves: astrology.
    Holidays Celebrate: minor deities, full moons.
    Function: helpers to the poor, connection to spirits/deceased.
    Distinguished By: special jewelry and a scar of the moon.
    Deadly Sins: dishonesty, lust, selfishness, malice and wrath.
    High Virtues: selflessness, dilligence and moderation.
    Coming of Age: 2 years old (male dinosaurs only). 18 (humans)
    Coming of Age Rite: takes place in a public ceremony.
    Marriage: happens shortly after coming of age.
    Marriage Rites: involve a mock/symbolic 'kidnapping'.
    Death Rites: include sending some of the deceased's possesions with them.

         Raz'teth • Henotheism (very patriarchal)
    Involves: tattoing.
    Holidays Celebrate: the solstices, past miracles, historical events.
    Function: inquisitors, maintain temples/shrines, leaders in ritual.
    Distinguished By: special clothing around waistline and heads.
    Deadly Sins: gluttony, avarice and envy.
    High Virtues: tolerance, loyalty, bravery and dilligence.
    Coming of Age: 4 years old (male dinosaurs) 2 years old (female dinosaurs) 15 (humans)
    Coming of Age Rite: takes place in a public ceremony.
    Marriage: happens shortly after coming of age.
    Marriage Rites: are highly informal.
    Death Rites: involve dividing up the deceased's property.

         Sceyru • Monotheism (slightly patriarchal)
    Involves: a hierarchy.
    Holidays Celebrate: new moons, great priests, the equinoxes.
    Function: interpreters of scripture/myth, leaders in rituals.
    Distinguished By: special clothing around waistline and heads.
    Deadly Sins: apathy, selfishness and pride.
    High Virtues: pride, knowledge, honesty,
    Coming of Age: 1 years old. (dinosaurs) 13 (humans)
    Coming of Age Rite: involves a test of strength/agility.
    Marriage: involves a transfer of wealth.
    Marriage Rites: are often performed as group weddings.
    Death Rites: are performed only for nobles.

         Constellations & Stars
    *These thirteen stars form the shape of a fish. The constellation represents a mortal who crossed the gods. It is most significant during summer, when it appears low on the Southern horizon. Its meaning is intertwined with the constellations representing bone and a king. Those born under it are very mercurial.

    *These fourteen stars form the shape of a feather. The constellation represents a deity. It is most significant on the autumn equinox, when it appears setting towards the Northern horizon. It is counterbalanced by the constellations representing an axe and a warrior. Those born under it are considered ill-omened.

    *These eight bright stars form the shape of a tree. The constellation represents a tale about the power of courage. It is most significant on the spring equinox, when it appears just over the Southern horizon. It is related to the constellations representing a fish, a feather and a crown. Those born under it have fiery tempers.

    *These six stars form the shape of a fire. The constellation represents a figure foretold in prophecy. It is most significant on the fall solstice, when it appears setting towards the Southern horizon. It is counterbalanced by the constellations representing a snake , a crossroads and a rose. Those born under it are known for their confidence.

    *These eleven dim stars form the shape of a crown. The constellation represents a mortal who crossed the gods. It is most significant during spring, when it appears low on the Southwestern horizon. It is usually interpreted together with the constellations representing a tree, an armored man and a horn. Those born under it are said to be hard-working.

    *These nine bright stars form the shape of a Sword. The constellation represents a tale of betrayal. It is most significant during summer, when it appears just over the Northwestern horizon. It appears near the constellations representing a Raptor, a king and a sheild. Those born under it are rumoured to be great lovers.

    *These seven bright stars form the shape of a snake. The constellation represents a dinosaur. It is most significant on the fall solstice, when it appears halfway towards the Southern horizon. Its meaning is intertwined with the constellations representing a skull and a fish. Those born under it are known to be mischievous.

    Fameris is a binary star with Pacificati. It is part of the constellation of the skull. It appears in the North Quadrant at right ascension 6 29.16 and declination 46 79.48.
    Sescenares Mathematicus Minimus is a binary star with Ultus. It is part of the constellation of the shield. It appears in the North Quadrant at right ascension 3 29.31 and declination 20 17.29.
    Consulio Alpha is a subgiant star. It is part of the constellation of the fish. It appears in the South Quadrant at right ascension 16 63.68 and declination -15 34.89.
    Emanum is a neutron star. It is part of the constellation of the tree. It appears in the South Quadrant at right ascension 8 56.68 and declination -14 18.22.
    Si Vatas is a yellow dwarf star. It is part of the constellation of the feather. It appears in the South Quadrant at right ascension 20 45.88 and declination -40 86.3.
    Hostilor Major is a class M star. It is part of the constellation of the sword. It appears in the North Quadrant at right ascension 19 94.20 and declination 25 75.50.
    Ludatrix is a class K star. It is part of the constellation of the crown. It appears in the North Quadrant at right ascension 11 72.30 and declination 13 57.32.

         Seasons of LOT
    Seasons and events are always going to spring up during your characters life on LOT. We have compiled a list of all seasons, events and other site-wide events that will come into play throughout the year. S.W.P's will even be added at random by staff to bring up activity between other members and the fractions.


  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fall

  •      Fall Year 4

         Whats the Difference?
    Flora is the name given to the collective plant life that grows or once grew in a certain area or during a given time period. It usually refers to the native plant life present but does include new species that have been introduced as well. Fauna on the other hand, is the name given to collective animal life that lives or was once found in a certain area or time period. In Latin, Fauna is derived from three different sources.

    Without flora and fauna, we cannot exist. The flora generates and releases oxygen, which is needed by the fauna for respiratory purposes. In return, the fauna produces and releases carbon dioxide, which is needed by the flora for photosynthesis. It’s a symbiotic kind of relationship. In the same line, humans cannot get by without both flora and fauna. The oxygen that we breathe in comes from the flora, and the carbon dioxide we exhale is vital for the flora.

         Creatures & settings of the landscapes
    Most of the lands in Eonix is bathed in sunlight during the morning hours. As such the southern and western lands are crubling due to the heat stroke year after year. Dinosaurs during the summer months have a harder time finding foods to hunt and water to save as the sun drives the pray north and to the east coast. Most of the mainlands animals that can be found primarily across the entire continent are as followed. Row spans

    The Swamps Spinosaur (Lv: + 5) Crocodile (Lv: + 4) Iguanodon (Lv: + 6) Parasaurolophus (Lv: + 9) Mamenchisaurus (Lv: + 7)
    Ankylosaurus (Lv: + 6) Suchomimus (Lv: + 9) Saurolophus (Lv: + 1) Stygimoloch (Lv: + 3) Titanosaur (Lv: + 8)
    The South and north Linhenykus (Lv: + 4) Dimorphodon (Lv: + 7) Tyrannosaurus (Lv: + 12) Kol ghuva (Lv: + 2) Quetzalcoatlus (Lv: + 8)
    The East and west Gobiraptor (Lv: + 3) Eudimorphodon (Lv: + 7) Gallimimus (Lv: + 5) Allosaurus (Lv: + 5) Pteranodon (Lv: + 12)
    Albertosaurus (Lv: + 20 Shuvuuia (Lv: + 3) Velociraptor (Lv: + 3) Talarurus (Lv: + 5) Corythosaurus (Lv: + 7)
    Einiosaurus (Lv: + 6) Utaraptor (Lv: + 7) Brachyceratops (Lv: + 14) Stegosaurus (Lv: + 5) Achelousaurus (Lv: + 2)
    The animals that are marked in tan are prey that during the wet and dry seasons heads north and east of Eonix. Each corresponding animal has their own territory they can be found in as well as the level of hardness it is to take it down. Be sure to watch where you step the next time you venture around the land as you might end up someones target!

    Levels of Prey?: Here is a guide to finding out the difficulty of an animal on the lands of Eonix. Be careful with who you try to mess with as they may send you home with a new scar! When looking at any animal here, make sure to take note on the level number it is set as. The higher the number that creature has means more than three will be needed to take it down. Anything with a negative number means its weak enough even a child could take it down!

         Flora of Varadye
    Each plant species as its own place where they can be found. Plants that are listed with (*) are Plants can/will become dangerous if digested/inhaled improperly! use caution when messing or using any of these plants! Plants listed with a (~) These are barks and roots and or dead 'sources of plants' that can be used for many properties of healing, Salves, aromatherapy, poisons and more.

    Uses: If you want to die or kill someone, then this is your plant. This is a highly toxic plant that can lead to poisoning and even death.
    Information: Leads to delirium, hallucinations, dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. Without receiving the antidote, sufferers will eventually die due to the plant's disruption of their body's involuntary activities such as sweating, breathing, and heart rate.

    *Angels Trumpet
    UsesThis powerful plant is just as bad as nightshade if not worse. It is mainly used as a narcotic in the right hands but if misused can become deadly. If misused no antidote has been found.
    Information: They are woody trees or shrubs, with pendulous flowers, and have no spines on their fruit. Their large, fragrant flowers give them their common name of angel's trumpets, a name sometimes used for the closely related genus Datura. Like many ornamental plants, all parts of Brugmansia can be toxic. This plant causes convulsions - vomiting - shallow breathing - sticky sweat across entire body - dreadful convulsions that end up with foaming of the mouth and contortion of the limbs!

    *Blood Flower
    Uses: normally used as a hallucinogenic but can be poisonous.
    Information: Blood flower, Hellsfire or aka Vincafyr produces five-petal flowers in colors of pink, lavender blue, white or white with a red center. All parts of the vinca for are poisonous, and the toxic substances in the plant can cause hallucinations when eaten. The most distinguishing feature of this plant is its flower-head. Its former name, Haemanthus translates to blood flower, referring to the color.

    ~Mightnight Hour
    Uses: Sunburns, agitation of rashes, sun irritation and inflammation of skin.
    Information: Also known as MoonLotion, this plant is Most commonly used as a thick salve on the body, face and around the eyes - this plant when mixed with water - green leaves - beeswax and the sap from a birch tree can be made into a salve to help with sunburns or weak conditions pertaining to sun exposure!

    ~Lichen Bark
    Uses: use as food, traditional medicines, perfumes and dyes. In medicine, some lichens appear to function as antibiotics, while others produce a substance similar to cannabis.
    Information: the majority of poisonous lichens are yellow in color. Although some lichens are eaten only when food is scarce.

    Uses: None - stay away from it at all cost!
    Information: Nicknamed "little apple of death" is one of the newest wonders of the valley poisonous plants. The tree oozes a white sap when it rains, so standing beneath the tree can cause blistering of the skin. Burning the tree releases extremely toxic fumes which can cause blindness and respiratory problems when species come into contact with the smoke. Consumption is generally fatal, and it's, by all accounts, an agonizing death.

    Uses: None - stay away fromt it at all cost!
    Information: zraka is a tropical plant that is among the most poisonous plants in the world. Chewing on any part of this leafy plant causes intense pain in the mouth and throat, excessive salivation, and in rare cases, severe swelling of the throat that can lead to strangulation.

    Uses: Reduces stress and anxiety, improves hair condition and cellulite; good for rheumatism and arthritis and female fertility.
    Information: An aromatic evergreen tree or large shrub with green, glabrous leaves, in the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The tree is 4-12 m tall and the white flowers, about 10 mm wide, become black, oval fruits measuring 7-12 mm. The plants are now grown widely in other tropical areas.

    ~Seeing Eyes
    Uses: Reduces pain and inflammation, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, fevers and headaches; good also for eye problems.
    Information: The name derives from the white tone to the undersides of the leaves. It is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree growing up to 10–30 m tall, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter and an irregular, often-leaning crown. The bark is grey-brown and deeply fissured in older trees.

    Marula Oil
    Uses: Another good oil for the skin, Marula oil is extracted from the nuts of the Marula tree which is found in the Southern treelines. These fruits and oils have been known to also be loved and enjoyed by elephants.
    Information: a golden liquid that a substance discharged by secretion from the seeds of the marula fruit.

    Uses: The partial seed coverings (arils) may be consumed safely when the fruit becomes red and opens under the light of the sun. It can be cooked or consumed raw but when ingested unripe it produces vomiting and fatal cases of poisoning.
    Information: Most common in forests and dense topiary. Flowers sweet-smelling, greenish-white to greenish-yellow. Fruits yellowish-red, pear-shaped capsules that appear to have three lobes; splits into three to reveal glossy black seeds.

    Cola Nitka
    Uses: The caffeine-rich seeds are widely chewed across Africa as a stimulant to dispel sleep, thirst and hunger.
    Information: Tree up to 20m tall. Leaves shiny, up to 30cm long. Flowers pale yellow outside, deep red lines running along inside of petals. Fruits leathery to woody, deep green to brown. Pollinated by flies.

    Septembers Rush
    Uses: Helps with the production of milk for pregnant or nursing mothers.
    Information: many-branched shrub up to 2.5m tall. Flowers white-purple, arranged in short racemes, at the end of branches. Wings of flower oval-shaped, and keel with brush-like crest. Fruits obovate capsules, narrowly winged. Pollinated by insects, particularly bees.

    Acacia Polyacantha
    Uses: Manly used to keep crocodiles or snakes away from dens, but also has the healing aspect for restless legs, treating snake bites, or bathing in warm waters for nights of restless or sleepless nights.
    Information: The white-stem thorn is a large, erect tree that grows to an average height of 10-15 m, exceptionally large trees may reach a height of 25 m. The stem of younger trees appears yellowish with papery bark and persisting prickles. As it gets older, the bark gets smoother and whitish grey, with bark flakes sometimes present. Young branches are covered in silvery hairs and the whole tree is covered in dark brown to black hooked thorns in pairs.

    Uses: Can be mixed with other plants to help respiratory infections such as cases of flu, colds, and is also used for pain, probably having anti-inflammatory properties from the essential oils it contains.
    Information: Grows in low land areas and normally has tower leavings that builds around its blossoms. leaves are long needle-like and also at times can be shaped like a tube.

    Winter Sweat
    Uses: Healing snake bites and open sores.
    Information: shrub or small tree up to 6 metres (20 ft) tall. Its fragrant flowers feature a white tinged pink corolla. Berries are purple when ripe.

    Uses: Traditional medicine with wide ranges from headaches, stomach pains, fevers, growing pains and even when mixed with oils can help with itchy skin.
    Information: A lush, dense, attractive creeper that naturally reaches up to the forest canopy and covers the tree-tops with its foliage. New velvety shoots grow upwards, reaching out with their tendrils, while old stems or lianas hang like rope from the canopy. The large, simple, roughly circular leaves are deep green above and soft and velvety below.

    Hunteria zeylanica
    Uses: Uses mainly for stomach aches.
    Information: grows as either an evergreen shrub or as a tree up to 15 meters (49 ft) tall, with a trunk diameter of up to 34.5 centimeters (13.6 in).[2] Its flowers feature a white corolla. Berries are yellow.[3] Habitat is forests from sea-level to 350 meters (1,150 ft) altitude.