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The Slums
Nomadic Canines: M00 · F00 Nomadic Humans: M00 · F00

The slums is a place where all the nomadic's live - it is essentially the largest camp grounds of neutral energy. They do not believe in fighting and are more into defending and saving. The slums isn't as pretty as most cities and towns in Eonix. But they get along pretty far with their structures and weapons. The slums is protected by heavily armored guardian wolves. So if you feel like throwing a punch at someone - think twice before you do it.

Characters wishing to become part of the Slums must remain in neutral PVP/PVE settings through out game play - any changes will result in other Slum members reacting to said characters interactions within the group. Characters can join in character or out of character to the slums. If you are joining out of character read below.

If you need to be added to the Slum Registry - Please fill out the form below, once filled out please head to the maintenance board area and let staff know --
Name:Character name
Species: Human/canine (if not human list your species of canine please)
Members of the Slums

Marma Inika
Solstice Talaitha
Wynter J'shefi
Jaiynia username //