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Welcome to Legends of Tomorrow!

Welcome to Legends. Are you thinking about joining us but not sure where to start or how to start? First be sure to click through the guides on the side area. If you have read them then welcome to LOT! If not please be sure to read the starter guide as a quick know how below.

Wolves, Creatures and Humans are welcome on Legends of Tomorrow. If you are a member who has never been within a forum rpg - there are a few easy steps to follow. Step 1: Register with either your characters name (if your joining with your character) or the name you go by online (ooc name). Fill out the form that is within the registery as follows. If you are doing your character fill out the information FOR the character. If you are doing your OOC account simply fill in your OOC name, age, if you have characters or not etc. All other areas you can place N/A or Unknown. Once you have registered - be sure that your account is marked correctly, OOC for personal usages and IC for character accounts. OOC's are not recommended but are welcomed if members which to create them. If you are making a profile with us of a character be sure to fill out ALL fields necessary and then head to our Audition board and post his or her Audition Here. Within 24 hours or less, Staff members will look over your profile and audition and respond with either PENDING or ACCEPTED.

Once you are Accepted you can post anywhere on the site and start roleplaying and meeting other members that are on the site as well. This means plotting, asking for or creating artwork for others and yourself, creating adoptables of your characters family members or companions, posting IC threads in the lands. And much much more.

Members who have been successfully accepted and their auditions posted as well, you can claim your Powers Here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to registering or creating characters with us. You can get ahold of us on our Discord Server Here.