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Calypso Veil [I]

Calypso is Owned by Ezra and has made 1 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: A Slumdog Slums
Task: Assassin
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online


Referrer: Scrolling through affiliates 

Using any Bug points?::  0??

What group are you Choosing?: Slums

Species: Canine

Characters: N/a

Characters Name: Calpyso Veil

Characters Age: #4 years

Character's Sex:  ○ Intersex

Users PVP Alignment: Optional Neutral

Appearance/Mutations?: Silver, grey, white and black slender built wolf with orange eyes who is medium sized in height. It appears to have no physical mutations. They look feminine in appearance.

Awards: N/A free character slots

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Karma Points:

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Bug Points: 0

Administrator is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 69 Chapters and 46 Stories
Rank: Administrator Administrators
Task: Assassin
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online

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