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AW Walking through the Dust.

Inika is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 17 Chapters and 7 Stories
Rank: A Slumdog Slums
Task: Assassin
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online

Things never lasted around Inika - either as a food source or something else entirely. He had watched those he came to know come and go by death's doorway too many times to count. That now the thought of someone dying that he knew - was just like sneezing to him. It wasn't anything special anymore. The black beast roams to the west early in the morning hoping to make it in time for the rush hour of herds that would soon hit the location of the valley. His four large red wings beat him across the heavens and from the south he headed to the valley within three hours. Normally a smaller creature would take an entire day to do so, but Inika was large you see. Red eyes scanned the horizon line just as the hilltops could come into view. The smell of musk and dirt flooded his nostrils. It was just over the hills, and he knew it just by the scents of the areas as he passed overhead. Tree's cracked and whine at the powerful gusts of his wings as he aimed for an area to land upon. His snout curls and wrinkles as he blows out an exhale from his nose. Bluetongue slips forth and clings to the ivory fangs that dangerously dangle from his mouth as he searches for something to eat. The dust begins to settle around his waist as his feathered ears arch and soon relax at a straight position atop his fluffy skull. 

Long trailing tail flows like a blanket slowly to the earth as his toes itch the grounds below, just as soon as the dust was settled across the area - he was able to see the startled herds of Chevot Sheep that were grazing on the grasses, were now blankly staring at the red-winged behemoth creature before their very eyes that came from the sky. Inika now couldn't hold back the smile that crept across his lips as his tongue was pulled back into its cave of daggers. He could just taste their flesh and their pain. Granted he didn't need to eat them to continue to live - he could survive off of their sheer fear and nightmares. But sometimes you wanted a treat you know? And so, here he was. Getting his treat of Sheep for lunch.

"Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
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