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The Gods is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 5 Chapters and 4 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Messenger
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online

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cawww caww!
"It has happened! The time has come, Rejoice Eonix! The portals have been found!"
Munin brings forth his large wings as he floats to the top of the portal crystal. White eyes beam forth with eagerness as he calls to all.
"Be careful, I do not know where you will end up! But surely where ever it is - it will be the other Portal to another world!"

He waves his right wing to his chest and beckons all to come - canines and humans alike. Anyone really! A smirk on his face he bounces in his place atop the stones.
"These stones are very old! Older than the world itself! All one would need to use this portal is followed this verse!"
He clears his throat and closes his eyes as he hums a moment before finally speaking lastly.
" Gidner Gasr's, Veiat'ka - gaem pi!" 

And with that Munin will watch the crowd before him and guard the portal while travelers come and go.