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[AW] Right to Ownership!

RandomEvents is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 17 Chapters and 12 Stories

Rank: No Rank Task: Warrior

Health: Karma:
Mother Land: Unknown Residency: Unknown Quest Prompts: Unsure

Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

Hello and welcome to the Town of Blevensted a major city, yes a city, to the north of Sotovin. This town is open to be claimed by any current active human character. The character must have 20 in character posts altogether. They must be older than 20 years old. Sex does NOT matter in the ruling of this town kingdom! Future Rulers of this town must abide by activity rules. Those that take up this mantel of ruling Blevensted are considered a king or queen. To read more about the activity requirements visit this page Here.

  • must be older than 20 years.
  • must be a human character (can be any genetic human or fantasy based human such as elves, fae, winged or normal human etc).
  • must have 20 ic posts.
  • sex does not matter in the right to claim this town!
  • magic powers can only be used for 1 turn (1 post) elemental powers are NOT allowed in this challenge. 
  • if a challenge between the first claim and an opponent happens the fights post each a round of 5 posts until opponent either faints, blacks out, or forfeits. 
  • please be detailed, no PPing or GPing be sure to follow our guidelines within our guidebooks in regards to posting. 
  • There is no posting order for those NOT participating in claiming of Blevensted so onlookers may post around the claimer and or challengers. 

The first character to lay claim on the territory of Blevensted has 24 hours before they become official leaders. So if the first character gets responded by another who wishes to fight for the right to claim - has 24 hours to do so. The first responder of the claim has 42 hours to reply to their opponent or it defaults to the other claim.