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AW Event -- Olympics

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The air was getting cooler, fall was now in full swing. The moon phases were starting to change and with each week the residents of the world would watch the wonderful display of their twin moons. Double phases for each night, what wonders could the world hold now? The air held a hint of warmth but not too warm - just enough to run a chill down the spine. Sounds of people building and laughing. Woodcutters placing walls and the start of something new, they worked in teams and slowly the floating city of Ameris came alive. A city that was once in ruins was now shiny and new. There was no place in which the city was left unturned. Stalls were placed up - places were cleaned - restaurants were designed and food was created all for this one joyous event. The gods all seemed to flock here just from all the noise the mortals had created. This would spark interest in Ceres - a God that would otherwise stay hidden. "Listen here" His voice echoed the world. "In light of fall hitting our doorsteps. I call upon all the great warriors, dancers, singers alike. Come and attend the first Olympics!" it carried far and wide, in a soft echoing cheer. The tree's danced and welcomed the delightful sounds of such an event to transpire. Resides could dine and feast their eyes on the events if they wished; or they could join in the events and spark some fun for the onlookers, even win some rare awards that now Artemis was creating and gracing by her own hands. 

It was time. Time, for the Olympics!

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