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AW Fall is in the Air

Inika is Owned by SoreWounds and has made 17 Chapters and 7 Stories
Rank: A Slumdog Slums
Task: Assassin
Elemental: Magic:
Users Status: Online

Inika had heard the loud music and smelled all the good foods of the mortals cooking and brewing above the sky. He wasn't sure what it was, or whom it was. But whatever it was - it was loud. He was about to ignore it until suddenly he heard the echoing voice of someone or something within his ears. Like a devil sitting on his shoulder. Redwings didn't hesitate now to flutter and spring the enormous brute up into the air. The black beast took flight effortlessly into the air and soon was swimming through the clouds until he could see the floating city nearing him. A few minutes later and his nostrils were soaking in all the sweet and delicious smells of everything this area had to offer him. When he lands he lands a bit too close to one of the stalls and plummets their left wall into pieces. "Whoops.." he said under his breath. "Perhaps make a landing strip for those of us who need it...?" he glared at the onlookers now who were either screaming and running away or those who were snickering at the giant for crashing part of the stall down.

"Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
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