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Saanyvonjul - [F]

Saanyuvonjul is Owned by RileyCasper and has made 3 Chapters and 1 Stories
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Referrer: Sorewonds On Deviant Art

Using any Bug points?::  n/a

What group are you Choosing?: The Gods

Species: Mythical Human

Characters: Genocide

Characters Name: Saanyvonjul, As human goes by Siobhan Alfgeir

Characters Age: 2500 Years

Character's Sex:: ♀

Users PVP Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance/Mutations?: Saanyvonjul is a goddess among gods. She has two forms while she appears like one more than the other. 

Her human form is what she takes the most part. She has waist-length red hair that is often pulled back into 5 long braids that fall down her back. Her features are slim but curvy. Her eyes in both forms are a florescent green with a iridescent purple stripe down the center (could be classified as heterochromia). If she stays in her human form for too long, she begins to grow a pair of red colored wings with purple iridescent stripes that slowly grow from her back to the length of 60 meters (196'10") long. While in this human form she uses the name Siobhan Alfgeir, and tries to keep the fact she's a goddess hidden. 

Her dragon form is her true form. She is a bright red with purple iridescent belly scales. From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail she measures 50 meters (164') long. Her wings from her human form are retained. While in this form, she tends to carry herself regally.

Awards: God, BWP Token

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