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Quest Prompt!


Our beautiful shrine has been ruined, I don't know who did it, but that's not important anyway. What's important right now is that we fix the shrine of the moon goddess and return it to its former beauty. I need you to go out and collect me some glowcap mushrooms, silverleaf willow branches and special flowers called Lunabeyr, I will gather the rest. Make haste, please. ....I don't have something amazing to reward you with, but I'll still be able to reward you with something decent

Quest Prompt: Reply with @TheQuest "accepted" with a reply to accept this quest.
Ignore Prompt: Reply with @TheQuest "denied" with your character denying this quest.

Quest Limitations: Characters must be in a group of 5 and head to The Town of Blevensted
User has 7 days until Prompt cancels out.