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AW Where Ever I May Roam

Craven is Owned by Draig or Ursus or ThiccDaddy and has made 6 Chapters and 4 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Hunter
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

Out from the new days mist the ground rumbles and a dark form looms over the portal of Sotovin. Standing there is the giant, Craven. "To the new lands I must go, all the better to better assess the worlds current state; to better know what my land needs." The large man braces himself and passes onwards, finding himself in Daizarthican. Immediately a wave of offensive heat washes over him. "And where have I found myself this time?" Craven rumbles as he heads inland, in search for water as he knows he will need it. Grey eyes scrutinize the lands as his large form lumbers inland "So there is heat and volcano's here... What an unpleasant place. Should we ever have an issue with those whom are here; a night hunt will be a must." Craven thinks to himself.

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