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Nidelia Sponze

Nidelia Sponze is Owned by Nidelia and has made 5 Chapters and 2 Stories
Rank: A Slumdog Slums
Task: Healer
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online


Referrer: SoreWounds 

Using any  Platinum points?::  N/A

What group are you Choosing?: Slums

Species:  Neko

Characters: N/A

Characters Name: Nidelia Oraina Sponze

Characters Age: 25

Character's Sex::  ♀

Users PVP Alignment: Neutral Good

Characters MotherLand: Daizarthican

Appearance/Mutations?: 5'7, cat ears and no human ears, has a purr "box".   Nidelia stands at a slightly above average height and carries herself with strong posture and confidence. She has light purple hair with green eyes, and tends to wear her hair in a mixture of braids. Her most common hairstyle is to wrap the body of her hair with a long braid, along with have a ponytail with the braid wrapping around it first. She wears a pale blue dress that is slightly loose fitting around the arms, but the bodice is tighter and more form fitting, and the skirt of the dress is loose, but not a tent, so as to leave her the ability to run if need be. On top of that dress she wears a crimson red velvet corset, and has a yellow scarf.

Awards: N/A

Opt in or Out: Opting In

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Bug Points: 0

Administrator is Owned by The Gods and has made 90 Chapters and 58 Stories
Rank: Administrator Administrators
Task: Healer
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

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