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lilou "the dragon" - albino dragon goddess [take 2 on proper account this time]

Lilou is Owned by asmodai and has made 3 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: the celestial dragon Gods
Task: Guardian
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
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Referrer: red/sorewounds

Using any Bug points?::  i don't think so!

What group are you Choosing?: slums

Species: dragon (deity)

Characters: lilou, omen, & bitterblue

Characters Name: lilou, aka the dragon

Characters Age: hella (exact age unknown)

Character's Sex::  female

Users PVP Alignment: optional, for now

Appearance/Mutations?: albino, six wings, gills, crocodile ridges between her horns and spikes, thinly slitted pupils, spartan red eyes, venomous fangs. her spikes, ridges, and horns are a soft silver. roughly the size of straetania, boalia, and daizarthican combined, and still growing though her growth is quite slow now compared to her youth. her continent is straetania, and while in dragon form she stays in the deep waters off the coast past the floating islands. otherwise, she wanders straetania as a muscular 7'6" humanoid female with waist-long white hair and unsettling red eyes. in her human form she keeps her odd, reptilian eyes & venomous fangs, though the fangs are of course far smaller. she also possesses claws in her human form, as she's never been able to turn fully human - aspects of her dragon form always remain.

Awards: free slot, bwp dragon god token

not sure where to stick this, but for reference:
astronomical object manipulation - spell 1
omni-mimicry - spell 2 (paid for)
darkness - element 1
water - element 2
light - element 3

(do not fill this below part out, staff will fill this out!)

Karma Points:

Note: Karma is affected by ic actions!

Bug Points: 0

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