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Norrik Callow {M}

Norrik is Owned by Koko and has made 1 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: Werewolf Nomads
Task: Warrior
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[Image: werewoof.png]

Referrer: Discord/Sorewounds

Using any Bug points?:: nooo?

What group are you Choosing?: House Fraakholkral

Species: Werewolf

Characters: N/A

Characters Name: Norrik Callow

Characters Age: 28

Character's Sex:: Male

Users PVP Alignment: Neutral


- Short, undercut style hair, deep brown in color with light grey streaks towards the front

- Thick dark brows

- Mix-matched colored eyes, right being a light blue while the left is deep brown in color.

- Thick lips, with two scars that run across them diagonally

- Sharp, long canines/fangs

- Labret piercing

- Pointed, pierced ears, each with two earrings in them

- Large, muscular body, a little on the hairier side but nothing too extreme. His hair is upon arms, legs, chest, and centered down his stomach to his genetals.

- Clothes are light but dense, able to keep himself from harmful burns of his job

- Often covered in dirt, blacksmithing can be a bit messy

Werewolf From- See Image

Awards: Naaaaah

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Bug Points: 0

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