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Qyfysus Elysium - [M]

Qyfysus is Owned by RileyCasper (MamaDragon) and has made 1 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: Nomadic Creature or human Nomads
Task: Potioneer
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online


Referrer: Sore

Using any Bug points?::  Nope

What group are you Choosing?: Slums

Species: Demon (Incubus Necromancer Hybrid)

Characters: Genocide and Saanyvonjul

Characters Name: Qyfysus Elysium

Characters Age: 85 Years.

Character's Sex::  ♂ 

Users PVP Alignment: Optional, Chaotic Neutral

Appearance/Mutations?: Qyfysus looks like a normal human from the waist up, except for the small set of black bat like wings coming from his back, which he can keep folded close to him. Although from the waist down he has a normal set of thighs until the knees which they turn forward and black fur grows from them. He also has a set of cloven black hooves.

He has a slim face, which is "perfect" most would say, with a thin black colored goatee and chin strap. His eyes are an ice blue that seem to glow in the dark. He also has black hair that is cut short and is often spikey.

Awards: Mythical Token

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Karma Points:

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Bug Points: 0

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Administrator is Owned by The Gods and has made 90 Chapters and 58 Stories
Rank: Administrator Administrators
Task: Healer
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

Just a few things to fix.
A few things to fix before we can offically welcome your character to Legends. When they are fixed, please ping an "@Staff Member" on Discord.
  • With your character being 85, his history needs to be at least 100 words minimum.
  • Your Age on your profile was not filled out to match your Audition. 


Typically responds within minutes when needed.