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ATTN: IMPORTANT! Glitch! Update and more!

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Profile glitch has been fixed and the profiles and side profiles on forum viewing, Have been finalized. You can now go back in and replace your characters information. You may notice some new changes to the layout of your profile as well as the fields in which are present. Members be sure to add in your Audition links to your profiles if they were accepted! Some options have changed, and been removed or added!

Thank you for being so patient with me tonight guys. Everyone has been awarded the Amulet of Fortune! 

Some new tokens are going to be added this weekend. Also as an update. The staff has discussed together that our WereWolf / Lycan token needs a change. With the growing members and numbers on the site. We have decided that the Hybrid token will now be renamed Therianthropy token. This means that any human that shifts into a beast form, or a beast that shifts into a human. Would need the token in order to be played. These species DO NOT use Omni-mimicry to shift. The species that fall under this token are the following::
Werewolves, Werecats, Kitsunes, Naguals, Native American Skinwalkers, Kelpies, Selkies, werecrocs, Wererats, Werehyenas, and the Huay Chivo.

Because our profiles are finished this means that your Magic and Elemental spells have been erased. Which is a kicker to the ass on my end for not writing everyone's Magic / Elemental skills down beforehand. I deeply apologize for this mishap on my end. If everyone could go to the site and reapply for their magic/elementals please that would be amazing and by tomorrow morning everyone should have their profiles back to normal. If you see something that was there but is missing such as Currency or an Applied BWP / EVENT Token - please post another claim for it in the #token-claims and let me know it needs to be readded. Thanks!

Typically responds within minutes when needed.