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AW A Mournful Day

Damian is Owned by Nidelia and has made 3 Chapters and 2 Stories
Rank: Nomadic Creature or human Nomads
Task: Knight
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

Damian's father and mother's death was so sudden there was nary any time to prepare for the ceremony.  He'd been pulled into a room with other's of the empire who began to dress him up for the ritual that he'd been taught so many years ago.  He felt numb to everything happening, just staring out into space as they dressed him up.  He wasn't sure what to think or do, his parents were dead, he was barely of age to process it.  Then next he knew they'd shoved the crystal in his hand and were shoving him out the door to the garden that had been built around the ceremony area.  In the area were statues built of the gods out of marble, their eyes all cast upon the ceremony area.

His eyes looked up at the eyes of the statues as he crossed the garden.  Now his mind began to fill with why's, what if's, and anger, so much anger.  He started wondering why such great people such as his father had to die, why the gods let them die, it was all flooding through him as he made his way over to the ceremony circle.  He stood in the center and then took the crystal and began to draw out the runes.  As he did so, tears finally started to make their way out of his eyes and down his cheeks, the grief finally hitting him as he drew, the tears landing upon the runes as he drew them.