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The Gods is Owned by and has made 15 Chapters and 9 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Warrior
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[Image: ceres.png]


Giant silver wings clap against the raging currents of the wind, the smoke pillar was hard enough to navigate anywhere now that one would get close enough to this large continent. The mountain was on fire, literal fire! Not far from the raging fire of doom, Ceres had noted that to the south was a small inlet land that was jetting out from the continent and within its ledge was the Portal crystal. Calling out in exasperation, Ceres would fly down through the smoke and blaze that would engulf the western side of the land. He lands upon the giant overgrown crystal and as if he was knocked off his feet, his ears would drum a loud but dull sound. It vibrated him to the core and suddenly he could feel the other continents. Eonix - Sotovin and Daizarthican. They were all connected now to one another!

Ceres had unlocked Visanerth's portal!

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