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The Gods is Owned by and has made 15 Chapters and 9 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Warrior
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

[Image: ceres.png]


Ceres had landed within Daizarthican, The land of dragons. The very souls in which he had loved so dearly more so than himself. The dragons were a secret race, that unless one had got past Cere's ever watchful eyes, they would have known about these magnificent creatures. But alas he was a stubborn proud god. He looks to the stars this night, his wings flexed and loose from his side as he wanders up each growing crystal before him. Bright baby blue eyes squint as he huffs. Perhaps it was time to unlock such secrets to the world. Oh that made him so excited! With a loud caw from his beak - the god would scrap his talons across the giant crystal's face. It would glow bright and blue from its normal black and dull like appearance. 

Ceres had unlocked the portal.