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AW Random Event -- MEET A GOD

The Gods is Owned by and has made 15 Chapters and 9 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Warrior
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

[Image: Sroivn.png]

The fire was his home, so any place that held fire was a place for him. After falling onto Visanerth the giant wyrm would head east to the smell of coal and ash. Deep beneath the surface layers of the continent laid a split so wide it could house nine of him. Laughing a growl he would sneak and wiggle his way down the stone path before it broke away exposing the pits and many caverns and canyons in the heart. The smell of something burning gave him a chill down his spine. Bluetongue flickers out to test his waters  -  yes he liked this place a lot. His scales would glow and wiggle across his form as he gets down to the lowest cave possible. The fire leaked everywhere like pores exploding on a human. It was so warm, too warm for any mortal down here. But this suited him well enough to replace his home.

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