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[AW] Random Event - The Dead Walk

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Something has Happened.
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OOC: This is a random event for the god Nereus being born. Everyone is welcome to post to this thread after Nereus has posted first. This thread follows a posting order, do not post outside the order. Example Post1: Frank Post2: Elly Post3: Marene Post4: Frank Post5: Elly Post6: Marene etc etc etc. 

Something was going on in Sotovin that was not the frozen wall falling. this was somewhere to the center of it all. Sotovin's core would scream at the shakes beneath the Skelcaves. The dead that had long been buried beneath the surface seemed to rise up from their pits. Bones and fragments of history were dragged up with these creepy beings. But unlike the mortals that walked the earth, these seemed to have no boundaries and wandered into one another, they seemed almost....lifeless. The earth still rumbled in all her anger as more and more of these dead green bodies and skeletal frames rose up from the grounds. If one was there, it surely would be a sight to behold! Three balls of light come flying through the caverns, humming in a hurry as they flew. When they finally reached the place in which the dead were walking aimlessly about, they would release a hushed gasp. "He...has rising..." the three orbs giggle and whisper to one another. As if the very rattle of the earth was anything to send people off their feet and either scatter or hurry away, some would linger and seek out this tremor. Within moments what was mainly the walking dead now being something more. Water seeped from the cracks out of the walls and was quick to form a small ball within the center of the dead bodies.

Suddenly like a plug was released at the bottom of a poll, the bodies were sucked into the ball of water, the bones and decaying bodies mingled and mashed together in a gruesome event. Electricity sparks around the orb of water and death before suddenly the world became too bright to look at! BANG!!! As the light had dimmed away, it gave view to a being before the onlooker's eyes. The three orbs would gasp and giggle again but this time louder. "He here..." one said. "Craven....Craven....the GOD CRAVEN!" all three began to whisper as it filled the air and swept across all of Sotovin. A god had been born!

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Rhythmic rumbles quake the land, and slowly draw closer to the entrance of the cave. Pebbles hop and dirt settles when suddenly a massive human shaped hand bursts out of the darkness and into the light, clawing into the dirt to find purchase as arcs of blue crackle between the massive fingers. Moments later the upper body of a giant man is hauling itself out of the earths canopy and into the day. As the being finds its footing, one thing is certain. It's large. It's certainly not the worlds largest being, however standing at 23 feet he is certainly not tiny. Long dark hair with blue beads, and pale skin with a faint blue-ish cast is clear, and in stark contrast to the pitch black tattoos on his forearms. Grey eyes scan the horizon, face blank and stoic as out from his chest rumbles to no one in particular "I am home."