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Krieg Audition

Krieg is Owned by Draig or Ursus or ThiccDaddy and has made 1 Chapters and 1 Stories
Rank: Rogue Beast Rogue Beast Rider
Task: Assassin
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online


Referrer: Marma

Using any Bug points?::  None

What group are you Choosing?: Slums

Species: Dragon

Characters: Craven, Nidhogg (Ned)

Characters Name: Krieg

Characters Age: 27

Character's Sex::  ♂

Users PVP Alignment: Optional (Chaotic Good)

Appearance/Mutations?: (Bladed Tail, Horns, Thick Skin) Krieg has grey scales and blue eyes. His head is adorned and protected via 4 large horns along with a plate of obsidian, which then covers his underside and spine
and becomes a blade on the tip of his tail. He is 9 feet at the shoulder, 45 feet long with a 112.5 foot wing span.

Awards: Dragon Token

(do not fill this below part out, staff will fill this out!)

Karma Points:

Note: Karma is affected by ic actions!

Bug Points: 0

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Administrator is Owned by The Gods and has made 90 Chapters and 58 Stories
Rank: Administrator Administrators
Task: Healer
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

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