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P! Foresight

Craven is Owned by Draig or Ursus or ThiccDaddy and has made 6 Chapters and 4 Stories
Rank: A God Gods
Task: Hunter
Elemental: No Elemental power Magic: No Magical power
Users Status: Online

Blinding light flashes overhead as thunder echos across central Sotovin, masking the foot falls of the freshly risen giant and deity as he wanders; taking in the many sights of the land and committing them to memory as best he can. "So this is home... And I reside in the center, the heart of this land. Sotovin. While I slept... Did I not see a portal near here?" Craven ponders as heavy foot falls bring him closer and closer towards the northern edge of the Central region. Flashes of memories flood his senses, showing him glimpses of where it was. And it was near. "Why would the portal into a land... Be at its heart? All the better to welcome travelers and guest but all that much weaker to invasion." Craven thinks to himself, however before he may continue that line of though a particular crystal catches his eye. The portal he saw in his memories. Craven stands there, as if having been petrified, and simply stares. Brow furrowed, confused. Lightening strikes a rocky over hang, eliciting a panicked "Krunk krunk" from nesting ravens and sending them on their way; shaking Craven from his tunnel vision. With a sigh and a shake of his head he mutters "I see I have much work to do." And stomps off into the distance to formulate a plan. A way to keep this land safe.

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