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Admins and Staff
     STAFF MEMBERS : Lost on who to turn to regarding staff members? Maybe your not sure who to contact over updating profiles or thread locations? Here is the list of all exisiting staff members on Legends. Remember not to hound or pressure the staff as we will get to updating, accepting and getting to each and everyones individual needs. This location is updated regularly when staff change.
   Site Owner    

SoreWounds The Site owner, Creator and Head Admin.

Contact information: Sorewounds #3434 @ Discord. I am generally online 24/7 so if you need anything feel free to ask!

   Co Admin    

Xerex Senior Admin.

Contact information: Sight-Hound [xerex]#6322


BOOF!!: Advertiser.

Contact information: BOOF!#6439 @ Discord

Aedan: Welcome Hoarder - Profile Accepter.

Contact information: pandasaurus dragon#8892 @ Discord


Riley: Site Coder.

Contact information: RileyCasper#4554 @ Discord