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Current Weather
Description:Amber Skies

Temperature:Chilly with a hint of warmth
High:56°F (13°C)
Low:37°F (2°C)
Relative:Colder than normal

Wind Force:Breezy
Wind Speed:2 mph (3 kph)

Moon Cycle:M'a'a'tn
Rain Levels:low

Amber Skies: Amber skies is an on and off again patch of sky occurances where the sun is the brightest but no warmth can be felt yet against the chilly fall air. Amber skies also has visual effects against the clouds giving the onlooker the feeling that the sky is literally on fire. During this time of year temperatures can gain the highest of 60°F (15°C). Rain is mild to low. The moon cycle for the first week of fall is M'a'a'tn which changes to Lharvion (full moon).

Chilly: Start bundling up, the chilly air waves will start giving residents colds if one is not careful.

Season: Fall.